Welcome to 2021 – The Resilience of Staying Connected

For most of us, this last year has been the most challenging of our lifetime. As we all have felt the disruption and isolation, some of you have had to also endure the loss of a family member or loved one. While no one could have ever anticipated these physical, emotional as well as social challenges that we find ourselves in, our ability to stay connected, no matter the means, is what has helped us foster real relationships throughout 2020 and what will continue to be our major focus heading into 2021.

With Raintree’s mission in mind, our innovative strides to make healthcare more affordable, efficient and available for everyone has allowed us to leverage powerful engagement solutions including telehealth, web forms as well as our automated messaging technology that help patients, providers and other stakeholders stay connected in this new, dynamic environment.

In addition, we are planning to create a better version of ourselves by extending our technologies to charitable, non-profit organizations. Our vision is in alignment with our low-code, no-code foundation and could be a tremendous benefit to philanthropic organizations throughout the United States. This commitment to “caring” for humanity is true to our identity and passion for empowering others to serve, volunteer as well as encourage selfless acts of kindness. After all, at the end of the day it amounts to fostering real relationships with real people by providing the workflow automation, logistics, distribution support, regulatory compliance, financial management and communications infrastructure needed by the overwhelming majority of non-profit organizations serving our local communities.

Being able to make a difference and contribute to this mission is truly a blessing. While we don’t have to have the perfect answer to every question or even know what our ultimate goal will be, Raintree will continue to develop solutions that ultimately make people’s lives a little better today than they were yesterday by facilitating reliable, convenient and impactful engagement.

Knowing that our mission is actively stimulating better healthcare affordability, accessibility and provider efficiency is what will keep us going in this upcoming year. Even though we know there are many challenges ahead, we are looking forward to a great 2021 and we appreciate each opportunity to invest in the wellness of one another because the more connections we have the more resilient we are! Cheers to peace, joy and good health!

-Richard Welty, Founder and CEO of Raintree Systems