It’s estimated that medical errors cost at least $19.5 billion dollars a year. While this number is staggering on its own, add in the financial costs of lost productivity and the amount escalates to $1 trillion. While this number represents the cost to the country as whole, if your practice is losing just a fraction of this amount to lost productivity, the costs can be devastating.

Today, medical practices of all types can increase productivity and improve their daily operations by implementing software, such as an EMR system, to help streamline daily operations and reduce the likelihood of costly medical errors.

The best medical billing software can improve your practice in ways you might not even be aware of. If your plan of action includes tools to make every aspect of your practice more effective and cost-efficient, here are 3 ways that an investment in specialized electronic medical software is the solution you’re looking for.

Targeted Data to Provide Patients with Better Care

If there’s a downside to EMRs, it’s that the volume of data that can potentially be collected is immense. When data comes funneling through in unstructured formats, it becomes all but unusable. While EMR systems can offer a boost to productivity, endless data has the opposite effect.

Instead of focusing on patients and their needs, medical providers are shuffling through too much information. Innovations in EMR systems have addressed this problem. Today, the nearly 87% of medical practices that use medical billing software have the ability to filter data, minimizing it and focus in on the elements of a patient’s medical record that are most pertinent to their care.

Reallocation of Staff Resources

The medical community has always been held to exceptionally high standards. Today, as patients have gained improved access to information about their health, their expectations of medical care are even higher than they were before.

While these expectations are perfectly reasonable, the fact remains that the person behind the desk or surgical mask is human and prone to mistakes. It’s often the smallest errors that turn into the biggest problems. Errors in medical coding, duplicated records and lost charts are common mistakes that eat away at your practice’s resources.

Electronic medical records software works with your staff to eliminate these errors and simplify their processes so that time and energy can be redirected to areas that will help your practice grow.

Improved Patient Communications

The lines of communication between a medical provider, the office staff and the patient are crucial to providing the absolute best care. Miscommunications are costly, eat up your staff’s time and can have even more serious ramifications for the patients that are entrusting you with their care.

EMR systems allow patients to easily view their own medical records, clear up miscommunications and reduce the volume of calls and queries to your practice. Plus, patients that feel respected in regard to their own health are more likely to recommend your practice to others.

EMR systems offer countless benefits to your practice – more than can be listed here. To discover how a specialized EMR solution can improve your business, contact Raintree Systems today. We offer real solutions for real practices, just like yours.