Raintree Systems - 5 Reasons to Integrate Your EMR Software With Your Patient Portal

It’s no secret that EMR software is changing the face of medical care as we know it. From streamlining workflow to cutting down on billing errors, and from improving patient care to increasing profits, it’s no wonder that most healthcare offices have implemented some sort of EMR system. If you’ve incorporated physical therapy EMR software in your office, you’ve likely realized most of the software’s potential, but have you realized all of it?

In addition to making life easier for you and your employees, EMR software can make things easier on your patients. When you incorporate the system with your patient portal, you allow patients to take control of their health in a way they never could before. To determine whether or not this type of setup is right for your physical therapy office, check out these five undeniable benefits of an integrated system.

Instant Access to Medical Records 

The greatest benefit of this type of setup is the ability for patients to gain access to their medical records and results as soon as they’re created. Once results are digitized and put into the system, they’ll be available for the individual to look up online. This means no more waiting around for phone calls or stressing about results until the next appointment. In short, it means peace of mind.

Ability To Manage Appointments 

Though it only takes a few minutes to call and make an appointment, many individuals are so wrapped up in their day-to-day lives that they don’t think about calling until the evening hours, at which point, it’s too late. Make it easy for patients to schedule and change appointments by allowing them to do it online and at any time of day.

Online Prescription Management 

The patient portal can allow your patients to order refills online at any time of day. Better yet, it can allow them to request reauthorization for a medication without having to come in to see you. This can save both the patient time and money on unnecessary visits, and you the hassle of having to set aside an appointment just to reconfirm that a patient does need a refill.

Ongoing Communication 

Physical therapy doesn’t just end when a patient leaves your office. Your patients need to be able to continue their exercises on their own but in a safe and controlled manner. To do so, they may have questions. The patient portal can give patients a way to communicate with you without having to call the office or schedule an appointment, saving everyone time and money.

Access to Account Balance Information 

Medical bills are often some of the most expensive that a person has, yet the only way that a patient knows how much he or she owes is if he or she asks for a printout or receives a statement in the mail. Patients should be able to access their account balance information as easily as they can access their bank account information. With a patient portal that is connected to EMR software, they can. By being able to view information whenever they want, patients can schedule payments and pay off debts in ways that work best for them.

Physical therapy EMR software offers numerous benefits. Make the most of your EMR by integrating it with your patient portal. Request a product walk-through today to see if Raintree Systems is right for you.