Some Good News For A Change

COVID-19 has definitely made 2020 already a year we won’t forget. As the media is flooded with news updates and the world is in a state of panic and confusion, it is hard to remain positive and look ahead to the brighter future coming our way. That is why, we wanted to evaluate some relatively good things that will come out of COVID-19 and help you focus on some positivity for a change. 

Better Health Habits 

While social distancing guidelines are becoming the new norm, habits like washing your hands and covering your mouth when you cough are being significantly emphasized as the most important actions to take in order to stop or slow the spread of the virus. With these hygienic habits being strictly encouraged by the CDC and WHO, everyone is much more likely to continue following these instructions with the utmost attention, even after the pandemic, thus proactively improving their daily health routines. 

Increased Participation in Nature 

With public establishments such as bars, restaurants and amusement parks being closed for the past couple months, people have been finding new ways to have fun and stay entertained. One of these ways has been going outside more often and exploring the outdoors. Whether it be hiking, biking or walking your dog, people have begun to appreciate the beauty of nature while still keeping a safe distance from one another. 

Recognition of Healthcare Professionals 

Over the years, patriotism has usually been tied to the sacrifices of military personnel; however, because of the virus, the world is starting to identify new heroes within the healthcare industry and rightfully so. Nurses, doctors, therapists and medical assistants are on the frontlines of providing care to the sick and are actively protecting the health of communities worldwide. This newfound awareness of their importance and impact on society is well deserved and should not be taken advantage of even after COVID-19. 

Acknowledgment of Education

Along with local businesses, schools have also been closed which not only affects the distribution of education but in the case for some youth populations, their daily provisions of food and shelter have also been taken away. While the temporary shutdowns have been necessary for the safety of the world, it is a huge eye opener to the public on just how much educational institutions matter for people of all ages. With this acknowledgment of education on the rise, academic reform and public school funding is sure to increase in the near future. 

Development of Digital Resources

So far, throughout the course of this pandemic, there has been great progress in innovating and developing new technologies. Just one example is the expansion of internet access and how bandwidth capacity is being put to the test as people around the world are utilizing remote social networking and PBX softwares to communicate and connect with one another. Another example is the variety of virtual tours that have been made available to the public that let you explore the Smithsonian Museum or watch live video footage of the San Diego Zoo from the comfort of your own home. All of these digital resources prove that social distancing is not social isolation and that society will adapt to whatever comes next. Check out a full list of more fun and engaging online activities here

Mental Health Awareness 

While everyone’s physical health has been the primary concern during the CoronaVirus, there has also been a welcomed and necessary shift of focus on mental health. Since people have been required to stay home, everyone is beginning to understand the significance of social interaction and how it affects your behavior as well as personal development. Now that people recognize that mental and physical health are equally as important, we can hope for more advocacy on the pursuits for overall personal wellness. 

Parent Appreciation

With schools, child care facilities and extracurricular activities being closed and canceled since early March, parents have not only been working from home but also cleaning, cooking and caring for their kids in addition to acting as stand-in teachers so that their children’s education is not interrupted due to the pandemic. Society is taking notice and even companies like Facebook Portal and Google have produced commercials as well as offered resources to parent teachers stuck at home with kids of all ages. 

During this time while society is being restructured and our sense of normal is being redefined, it is important to not take for granted the everyday commodities we are used to having. In addition, it is just as important to appreciate any positives that come out of a situation like COVID-19 in order to sustain hope for a better tomorrow.