The Raintree Story

Slide Value Based Solutions for the Healthcare Industry Real People, Solving Real Problems for Real People Value Based Solutions for the Healthcare Industry Real People, Solving Real Problems for Real People

Software Solutions That Solve Real Problems

Raintree Systems is a dedicated group of people with a passion to solve the real-world problems of businesses and individuals working, managing and running offices in a specialized field of medicine.  For over 30 years, our focus has been to build products and solutions that make a positive impact on medical professionals as well as the healthcare industry.   Our products are designed to bring the power of software and technology to specialized medical fields to enhance and extend the skills of medical professionals in serving their patients.

The Raintree Difference

It seems like an odd thing to say, but “Our Why” is what drives us to innovate & create products and services that make a real & measurable impact on the lives of medical providers, doctors, nurses, administrators and patients.

Why We Are In This Business

Raintree Systems is a group of dedicated people with a passion to solve the real-world problems of the businesses and individuals working, managing and running medical offices in a specialized field of medicine

Real People, Solving Real Problems for Real People

How We Do It

Raintree develops Value Based Solutions for the Health Care Industry.  All our products are built with the specific purpose of providing real value to the provider, practice and patient.  All our tools, software and services are designed to be powerful, intuitive and easy to use so that the individuals that use our products can be more effective at their jobs and provide an elevated level of patient care.

What We Do

We develop Practice Management & EMR solutions and services for under-served medical specialties to enable individuals in those specialties to operate in a software environment that:

  • Speaks the language of their specialty
  • Addresses specific challenges of the specialty practice
  • Provides specific value to that specialty through the use of software and/or service
There’s a good reason why people say that “change is hard.”  Because it is…..Over the last 30 years Raintree has developed what we call the Raintree Implementation Experience.  The reason we call it an Experience is that your conversion, upgrade or transition to the Raintree platform is something that you are part of; it can’t happen without you and your staff.  Ultimately the Raintree product will be an immense benefit to your practice but at the start the CHANGE can seem a little daunting.

This is the reason why you and your staff work directly with an Implementation Team.  We don’t flip a switch, give you some documentation and hope for the best.  Your Implementation Team will work with you and your staff to understand the uniqueness of your business and tailor the Raintree product to suit your needs, workflows and objectives.

Your Implementation Team is part of our Client Services group so you get a smooth transition from implementation through go-live and beyond.  Our Client Services group is a team of talented and passionate individuals whose only job is to ensure that you are getting value from Raintree.  They will work with you to get your practice up and running and help you transition to daily use of your new Raintree software.  While we can’t promise that everything will go exactly as planned since every business is different, rest assured that you have a TEAM to ensure that the process is a smooth and seamless as possible.

 We are with you every step of the way….Welcome to the Raintree Family

Almost every Practice Management & EMR solution uses term like “flexible” and “customization.”  Raintree uses these terms as well, but Raintree is one of the few products that can actually be Tailored to your business.  We are not cookie-cutter software.  Providers, Doctors and Health Systems that choose Raintree do so because they see the value of a software product that can truly fit their needs.  Using the Raintree Implementation Experience and the immense power and flexibility of the Raintree Platform our product can help you manage the complexity of your existing business while allowing you to continue to work in the way that you want.  Our products conform to you so you can operate using your existing workflows, processes and best practices.

Tailored Solutions, Amazing Results!

We know you have a lot of choices in EMR and Practice Management solutions and it’s probably overwhelming.  This is a big decision because your EMR and Practice Management will be integral to your practice and will affect every aspect of your business.  Knowing that, Raintree will make one promise to you and your staff, You Will Never Outgrow Your Raintree Software Solution.

No matter what other companies tell you, very few can actually provide the same level of service and functionality to a Single Provider up to an Enterprise size network with hundreds of providers and locations.   We can do it, we do it everyday, and we’ve been doing it for over 30 years!

So take a look around, we’re here to answer any questions you have.  We look forward to working with you……

Our History

Raintree_SiteBlue_SM_SM Tree LogoIn 1983, Microsoft released a word-processing program called Multi-Tool Word, soon to be re-named Microsoft Word.  While Microsoft was busy giving away free demonstration copies in PC World magazine, Richard Welty was busy writing a software program for a local medical office.  Richard was 16 and still in high-school, but even then he saw the need for a software solution to simplify the increasingly complex field of patient scheduling, medical records and medical billing.

Richard continued to work on his software and had began selling and supporting other doctors in the area.  By this time, Richard realized that his hobby had become a business and started to begin the serious task of developing a software & support solution for his growing list of clients.  Richard settled on the name “Raintree Systems” as a tribute to his father and their family’s landscaping business.

Raintree Systems was officially launched in 1985 in Garden Grove, CA.  The company continued to operate in the Los Angeles area until 1997, when the company was relocated to North San Diego County to the small but growing city of Vista, CA.  At that time, San Diego County was a region with a vibrant and growing tech community focused software development and the healthcare industry.  This move allowed Raintree Systems to tap into a community of programmers and developers with deep knowledge of the healthcare industry.  Around this time, Raintree Systems hired a Chief Operating Officer to help guide the growth and development of the company.  Richard Welty, still maintained an active role in the development of the software product and began to expand the team of talented developers and programmers.

In 2005, Raintree Systems again relocated the Corporate Headquarters to beautiful Temecula, Ca- the Napa Valley of Southern California.   We continue to innovate and offer new solutions and services to our clients.

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