Accountable Care Organizations Can Grow and Increase MSSP Compliance With EMR

As the government continues to overhaul the healthcare system, more focus has been given to how money is spent and received. It has come to light that a great deal of wasteful spending has been going on. Along with the increase in wasteful spending, there has been an alarming rise in medical error and duplicate services being rendered. In an effort to improve the quality of care and reduce the careless use of funds, the Department of Human Health Services (HHS) implemented a Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) in 2012. Organizations that join this program become accountable care organizations (ACOs) and have to meet certain criteria in order to be paid or receive incentives for any Medicaid and Medicare services that are rendered. According to Raintree Systems, the best way for ACOs to meet that criteria is withEMR and practice management solutions.

HHS Wants 90% ACO by 2018

Although the recent number of organizations that joined as ACOs was slightly lower than anticipated, it is expected that the growth of accountable care organizations will increase substantially as companies transition to the use of alternative payment models. The government wants to encourage healthcare organizations to move away from the practice of treating large volumes of patients in an effort to improve the overall quality of healthcare.

As the amount of Medicare patients needing healthcare services continues to increase, many ACOs are finding it challenging to keep their costs down while providing the aging population with the quality care they need. One of the mandates of the MSSP program is that duplicate services be avoided because they are unnecessary and costly. But how are medical organizations who have not made the transition to using electronic health records and practice management systems able to determine which services are truly needed? They can’t.

Transforming the Face of Healthcare

To meet MSSP regulations and comply with other federal and local laws to improve their operational efficiency, healthcare providers need to implement effective solutions to improve the way they operate and manage their patients. They need to use solutions that allow them to communicate and manage healthcare records so that they can be updated and accessed by other providers.

ACOs are just one avenue that the government is using to bridge the gap between efficiency and transparency in the healthcare system. Many healthcare organizations already know how challenging it is to receive Medicaid and Medicare payments when there are duplicate claims from different providers and errors that increase the need for more healthcare services that could have been avoided. As a result, Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries suffer the most from not being able to receive the care they really need. However, the HHS is adding alternative payment models and incentives to encourage Medicare Shared Services Program providers to improve the quality of their services so that erroneous spending and care services are drastically reduced.

As an ACO, it is your responsibility to manage your practice in a manner that is consistent with the standards and regulations that are set forth by the federal government. The professionals at Raintree Systems can analyze your operations and provide you with the EMR and management solutions you need. Our practice management solutions can increase compliance and efficiency, reduce errors, improve communication, and refine the quality of services rendered to increase your profits and incentives. Give us a call today at (800) 333-1033 to get started.