Rehabilitation, for many people, will be a lifelong challenge. Whether we’re talking about physical challenges, speech impediments or work injuries, there are certain kinds of impairments that necessitate continued, prolonged treatment. Any practice that aims to make a difference should strive to provide the best, most accurate care possible, especially for patients who require more extensive treatment.

So, where do Raintree and our physical therapy EMR software come in? Our software delivers the two things any rehab center wants to provide and that any patient would be glad to receive: treatment accuracy and continuity (if and when needed).

Lifting a Curtain

All too often, patients are in the dark about where they are in the course of their rehab and what they need to do, down the road. Other than a small set of instructions and prescriptions, a person undergoing rehab is often lacking guidance. That’s where our EMR software comes in handy.

Providing better care means being able to see – and to show – the bigger picture to make a better judgment as to what a patient needs. There are cases in which traditional methods won’t be entirely effective, and as a rehab center, it falls on you to try to provide a more targeted treatment.

As for benefits to the practice, the software tightens up the process. Fundamentally, our EMR software is a uniform platform on which you can do scheduling, documenting, reporting and billing. As a rehab practice, you face the same clerical and administrative problems that a medical clinic faces and we’ve made sure to tailor many software features to fit the needs of a rehabilitation center.

Data Consistency and Business Uptick

We’re quite proud that our software will bring big-business capability to your practice. Employing an EMR application will most likely drive patients to your practice, as this platform will increase your efficiency. When it comes to bigger versus smaller practices, the level of care isn’t usually the dilemma – it’s the efficiency and the accuracy that attracts or puts off a patient. For so long, only bigger medical facilities seemed able to address these problems; but now, you can, as well. Using one platform for clerical and administrative duties will help to ensure accuracy with patient records, too.

Don’t try to do it all yourself, when there’s help available to you – get in touch with Raintree. Contact us today!