EHR (Electronic Health Record) incentive programs are designed with the goal of improving patient data access and driving greater collaboration throughout the healthcare industry. The programs, which began as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, make payments to physicians and hospitals that use EHR systems. In this latest post, our team takes a closer look at the clear benefits of the EHR incentive programs.

Mitigate Cost of EHR Adoption

Through the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs, professionals can earn payments for the adoption and the meaningful use of EHR systems. The incentive programs help significantly reduce the cost burden of implementing EHRs. Facilities must train staff, take time to install the technology in their offices and work with patients to educate them on their rights to their health records. These processes take time away from the specialist’s work. And so EHR incentive programs offer a way to reduce this cost, by presenting those who use the systems effectively with monetary compensation.

Improving Adoption Rates Across the Country

While the clear value of adopting an EHR system has been proven in various market studies, some providers have still been reticent to begin adoption. Often, they cite a lack of time in their workday to manage the system. The EHR incentive programs help overcome this common roadblock by supporting the specialist with greater financial resources to make the decision. This ensures that specialists and patients throughout the country are now benefiting from the use of EHRs in their care environment.

Supporting Well-Meaning Professionals

Health professionals that have shown their commitment to meaningful use of EHRs are rewarded through the incentive program. This helps drive the value of existing EHR programs higher and ensures forward-thinking professionals achieve compensation for their commitment to digital recordkeeping.

The Medicare Checklist

There are specific steps that professionals must take to be eligible for payments under the EHR incentive programs. These steps include:

  • Verifying their eligibility for the incentive program
  • Registering for the program
  • Demonstrating meaningful use for a 90-day period
  • Legally attesting to meaningful use through the Medicare website

The Medicaid Checklist

The steps for achieving eligibility under the Medicaid EHR incentive program, include:

  • Verifying their eligibility for the program
  • Registering through the incentive program site
  • Checking state participation
  • Registering for the program
  • Adopting, implementing, upgrading or demonstrating meaningful use of their EHR technology

Before reviewing more benefits of EHR incentives and how these incentives can help support effective use of the latest records management technology in their offices, teams must consider the types of EHR systems available. Our team is expert in the industry, and we’ve developed leading solutions based on the latest guidance from across the regulatory sector.

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