Optimize Your RCM, Billing & Collections With Our Value Offerings

  • Give Patients Flexibility with E-statements and E-payments Accessible From A Variety of Mobile Devices

  • Benefit from Patient Engagement Solutions (Appointment Reminders, Patient/Provider Dashboards, Telehealth)

  • Efficiently Manage Multiple Client Databases with Shared Tables and Strategic Reporting

  • Simplify Workflows and Optimize Efficiency with Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Take Advantage of Our On Demand RCM Services like Payment Posting and AR Follow Up

Innovative Patient Engagement

With our engagement dashboard and self check in kiosk, both patients and providers are able to manage payment plans, facilitate electronic patient statements as well as communicate directly with one another in the messaging center.

Interactive Reporting & Analytics

Our interactive reporting features provide a comprehensive list of filters that help you efficiently sort through claim status codes, evaluate employee actions to ensure quality as well as better manage exceptions, denials, underpayments and patient collections.

Intuitive Automation

By automating task alerts and distributing engagement campaigns to patients, providers, referrals and/or payors, our solutions will improve your staff’s productivity and help you streamline business operations.

Keep Your EHR, Elevate Your Billing

Acting as a virtual clearing house, our data aggregator and document routing technology imports standard ANSI 837 files and directs them to our in house PDF printer, allowing us to send out authorized and verified claims to payors. This gives you the opportunity to use Raintree’s automated RCM, Billing & Collections software while still utilizing the current EHR your business uses for scheduling and clinical documentation.

Automate All Aspects of Your RCM

Our proven set of automated RCM, Billing and Collections tools allow you to easily retrieve payments faster while also improving all aspects of your AR and RCM processes. With features built to elevate the patient revenue cycle, our solutions help your business gain more profitability as well as stimulate productivity.

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The Benefits of Using Raintree

  • Manage RCM, Billing & Collections from One Platform

  • Streamline Operations & Decrease Total Costs

  • Improve Exceptions, Denials, Payments & Patient Collections

  • Reduce AR Days, Lower Total DSO’s & FTE Spending

  • Increase Cash Flow Velocity and Profitability

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