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A Revolutionary RCM, Billing & Collections Platform from Raintree Systems

Innovative tools to help you better manage your provider’s billing and collections

Your billing and collections staff can be more efficient to allow you to take on new providers without necessarily adding additional staffing

RevEdition can work with ANY Practice Management and EMR/EHR platform so you can take on additional clients without having to worry about technology or software limitations of your providers

Is Your RCM, Billing, and Collections Software Helping Your Clients Plan and Manage Their Practice?

More than 50% of CFOs want access to easier report creation, better dashboards and visuals, and enhanced ability to drill into reports to understand underlying details (2/3 struggle to pull data from multiple resources).

Source: Becker’s CFO Report, Hospital CFOs: 3 things demanding your attention in 2018

The Raintree RevEdition RCM solution gives you the tools to provide up-to-the-minute reports to your RCM clients.  Give your providers and clients the transparency and resource to see the value of the service you provide

Your Billing and RCM Software Can Actually Help Patients Actually Pay Their Bills!

68% of consumers prefer electronic payment methods to pay their medical bills
80% of consumers prefer online payment to pay their health plan premiums
20% of online healthcare payments are made on a mobile device

Source: InstaMed, 2016 Trends in Healthcare Payments Annual Report, June 13, 2017

The Raintree’s RevEdition RCM solution gives your collection staff improved tools and additional ways to help collect payments from patients;  helping you increase the speed of collections while simplifying the payment process for patients

Outsourced RCM services in the United States has increased 3% annually to $4bn in 2018!  In the same timeframe, the industry has only grown by 0.7.  Healthcare professionals, providers, and practice owners see the value of outsourcing medical billing and RCM services

Source: IBISWorld Medical Claims Processing Services 2018 Report

Will your billing, collections and RCM software be ready for the explosive growth in the RCM industry?  Raintree’s RevEdition platform will ensure that you have the tools resources needed to manage all your RCM need

RevEdition is perfect for:

  • Outsourced RCM companies

  • Billing & Collection Services

  • Payment Collection Companies

  • In-House Billing Departments

  • In-House Collections

  • In-House AR Departments

  • Centralized Billing Offices

  • Integrated-Practice AR Departments

  • Co-Located AR and Collections Departments

Why RevEdition?

  • Manage your providers RCM, billing & collections from a single platform

  • Decrease total cost of operations

  • Streamline all RCM, Billing & collections operations

  • Improve all aspect of your RCM processes

  • Improve revenue cycle cash flow

  • Improve cash-flow velocity

  • Collect payments faster and at higher rates

  • Lower total DSOs

  • Improve per-claim reimbursements

  • Reduce total rejected claims

  • Improve claim re-submissions times

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Ready to see how Raintree can help you reach your growth and revenue goals?

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