Established in 1997, as one of the earliest mental health billing services in the United States, Billshrinkers, Inc. has worked diligently to streamline billing processes and amplify revenue for healthcare practices nationwide. With over 20 years of experience and expertise – Billshrinkers’ primary goal is to alleviate stress for mental health providers by giving them the financial management and support they need. 

On top of bookkeeping, consultation and live customer support, they offer custom billing and reporting services to their clients, all of which vary from psychiatry, psychology, social work, family therapy, counseling, nursing as well as multidisciplinary groups.

Since March 2007, when Billshrinkers became a part of the Raintree family, our passion for Software-as-a-Relationship has intersected perfectly with their determination to collect 100% of what their clients earn while allowing providers to also focus on providing great care to their patients. We take pride in being able to customize our software to meet their needs so that in turn they can achieve their goals of providing configured collection and billing services to their clients. There is constant, ongoing work being done to update and improve the software in response to the needs of the end users.” – Billshrinkers, Inc.

For maximized results on collections, Billshrinkers leverages our interoperable billing solutions which include a range of automated tools and workflows that overall simplify operations. “Both the product and the technical support are unsurpassed!” – Billshrinkers, Inc. 

Furthermore our RCM software is utilized to enable Billshinkers to elevate their level of service and enhance their clients revenue by way of powerful reporting, high level automation and comprehensive payment processing tools. All of the representatives at Raintree are friendly, knowledgeable, willing to help and open to suggestions for improvement. All in all, they are a fabulous company to do business with.” – Billshrinkers, Inc.

For us, mental health month means taking time to reflect on the incredible work being done at organizations like Billshrinkers and being able to take part in streamlining behind-the-scenes healthcare processes to inevitably make it more efficient and accessible to those in need of care. 

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