With five locations throughout southern Maine, Greater Brunswick & Core Physical Therapy has been providing skilled and passionate care since 1988. While they primarily focus on holistic and physical therapy, they also provide craniosacral, pelvic, neuromuscular and orthopedic therapy via aquatics, taping, massage and personal training services. 

As a clinic, their mission is to not only improve the healing process of their patients but to also exceed expectations by ensuring the most positive patient experience. With a knowledgeable expert staff, they aim to truly elevate all methods of patient care by making sure to provide educational as well as emotional support during patients’ recoveries in order to completely  resolve symptoms and prevent future injuries. 

They have been a client of Raintree’s since January of 2011 and have just recently adopted our telehealth solutions, which enable them to perform virtual visits and check-ins during the CoronaVirus. 

“Your response to COVID-19 and the changes you have made in the past several years is unbelievable. Raintree is more than just a software company, there is a heart and passion behind their product which would be tough to match”. – Terry Pratt

In response to the pandemic, Raintree has been striving to make healthcare efficient, affordable and accessible to everyone. Not only are our solutions capable of facing the unique challenges of the healthcare industry but they also are intended to improve the quality of our clients’ lives and businesses in the interim. Here at Raintree, we will continue to provide digital healthcare solutions in hopes to elevate patient care as well as keep everyone healthy and safe during these times of change and uncertainty.