Client Testimonial: Special Kids Therapy

Based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Special Kids Therapy and Nursing Center is a Christian operated facility that delivers care to patients with special needs such as autism, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other developmental disorders. From physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapy to group services that promote inclusive learning environments as well as encourage active playtime, Special Kids’ mission is to help children develop a sense of community that fosters love, faith and healing. In addition, their EQUIP and Camp ABILITY programs also provide pediatric prescribed skilling nursing (ppsn) in which children with debilitating conditions are treated with recreational therapy, nutrition plans as well as cognitive stimulation activities.

With strong religious and familial ties, Special Kids is a company that focuses primarily on facilitating excellent patient care no matter the circumstances – even whether patients have the ability to pay or not. In fact, founders, Dick Kleinau and his daughter Carrie Goodwin, created a pillar of values that include “no child would ever be turned away because a family could not afford services”. This positive spirit fuels their employees to be compassionate, kind and motivating for others to donate, fundraise as well as volunteer.

“They are very helpful and patient with any issues we are having, especially now with all the changes for telehealth. We are impressed by Raintree Systems’ excellent response time when we have a problem, the rarity of having a problem at all, and their receptivity to our suggestions and comments. We would absolutely recommend Raintree Systems because they are a company that values their customers.” -Special Kids

As a Raintree customer since 2013, Special Kids utilizes our innovative patient engagement tools that allow them to seamlessly communicate as well as collaborate with patients in addition to gaining EMR efficiencies and elevating patient care.