Established in 1897, the expansive Washington Health System (WHS) provides compassionate patient and family-centered care in over 40 facilities throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. Since then, their commitment to delivering the highest quality of care has positioned themselves as a leader in healthcare safety and valued patient experiences.

Over the years, the Washington Health System Foundation has fostered healthier communities through philanthropic means and has championed several capital campaigns with incredible results: 

  • $2.4 million raised for a Cancer Treatment Center
  • $3.1 million raised to support the construction of a new wing at The Washington Hospital
  • $3.2 million raised for an establishment of a residential hospice facility
  • …and much more!

Since 2020, WHS has been making the most of Raintree’s all-in-one platform to manage their children’s outpatient clinics by utilizing our standard products such as faxing to expedite communications and streamline patient management.   

“The biggest takeaway is that a strong team environment at Raintree exists where everyone works together to enhance the product for users. We feel confident that Raintree will continuously improve its functionality based upon end user feedback with gratitude and view user ideas as opportunities rather than problems.” – Steve Davotech from Washington Health System

In addition to our EMR and practice management, WHS employs our patient engagement platform, Connect, that allows them to take full advantage of seamless self-scheduling as well as automated survey campaigns and appointment reminders. Connect also includes the ability to track billing trends through E-Statements and offers configurable communication narratives that empower providers to create a meaningful dialogue with their patients. These automated engagement tools are integral to improving patient experiences and prove a necessity when providing for children and their families.

In our recent software selection process, an EMR vendor asked why we chose Raintree over them. We replied that the demo was as if Raintree took our existing processes and streamlined them.” – Steve Davotech from Washington Health System

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