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Continuity Of Communication I Connect

Image of Jessica Shaw
Jessica Shaw

The healthcare industry is now faced with the new challenges of transitioning to a remote workforce as well as managing the disruption of business services. In a time of such uncertainty and change, it is crucial to continue communicating with your patients and making extended efforts to elevate patient care. As we try our best to overcome these issues through continuity of communication, we can all hope to be better prepared to successfully manage operations and keep businesses afloat.

At Raintree, we want to help you configure and use our technology in ways that best benefit your patients and keep your practice’s appointments on schedule, whether they be in-office, in-home or telehealth visits. Our Connect solutions are built with features and tools that enable you to easily develop real time communication plans and utilize an omnichannel network that allows everyone to stay connected within one virtual communication hub.

What Is An Omnichannel Network? 

With omni meaning “of all things”, omnichannel communication is an all-inclusive, singular approach to optimize content for each specific messaging source or device. It is a strategy that offers a complete set of communication tools that allow you to effectively connect with all audiences and build relationships while efficiently streamlining internal operations.

This diagram demonstrates how Connect acts as a virtual communication hub for healthcare as well as represents our primary focus to support provider and patient engagement by way of appointment reminders, automated mass messaging and virtual telehealth solutions. Our visit tracking analytics and appointment statistics also aid in monitoring patient cancellations, which in turn provides you with essential feedback on how to strengthen relationships, improve retention and manage alternative methods of providing patient care. It is also important to note that the messaging and communication narratives of Raintree are configurable. You can make text reminders, call actions and/or email blasts unique to your business by setting up specific scripts and customizing communication filters. Connect engagement platform

Raintree’s Connect and integrated CRM tools give you the opportunity to engage with referral sources, patients, personnel and payors all from one flexible and configurable platform, streamlining the clinical workflow. Below are just some of the features that Raintree offers in support of continuity of communication and care, all of which are WebRTC standard and HIPAA compliant.
  • Inter-office Calling & Conferencing 
  • Appointment Messages & Recall Health Alerts
  • Remote Availability Management 
  • Virtual PBX & Integrated CRM

Our solutions were built to help you manage the unique challenges of the healthcare industry.  During this pandemic, we want you to know that we care about the health of your patients in addition to the successful operation of your business. Amidst COVID-19, we all need to realize that communication is what drives our interactions with one another and that we must all stay connected in order to get through this together. Raintree is here to help you as much as we can and with whatever we can, so with that in mind, we are offering our Connect solutions at no cost for the duration of this crisis. Please call us or email our client services team at if you have any questions. 

We hope you are staying safe and healthy! Check in Monday for more content on telehealth solutions, updates and more. 

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