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Client Testimonial: Dearborn Speech

Image of Jessica Shaw
Jessica Shaw

With 9 different locations throughout Michigan, Dearborn Speech and Sensory Center Inc, also known as Metro EHS, aims to provide the highest quality clinical care to both children and adults with intellectual as well as developmental disabilities. Their range of services include speech, occupational and physical therapy in addition to ABA (applied behavioral analysis), sensory integration treatments, feeding and gross motor coordination. They also cater to those with attention deficit disorders and developmental delays. 

Aside from therapy, they also offer summer camps that focus children on handwriting, typing, yoga, music, articulation and language. These camps exist to better encourage children to actively participate with their environments as well as improve their social skills. Additionally, Dearborn Speech provides tutoring services such as interactive computer programs and language learning courses. 

As a relatively new customer since August 2019, Dearborn Speech and Sensory Center have benefited from our document routing technology that helps eliminate faxing as well as our Connect solutions that include virtual communication tools such as availability scheduling, remote workforce management, automated mass messaging and telehealth. But most of all, they have been satisfied with our efforts in making healthcare accessible, efficient and affordable for everyone. “We love Raintree’s customer service, the user groups, the financial reporting and the availability of the knowledge base. Having access to these things allows our organization to function at a much higher capacity.” - Tiffany Peters, Dearborn Speech and Sensory Center, Inc. (AKA Metro EHS)   

If you want to learn more about Connect, visit our website at Also, be sure to check out our upcoming Patient Innovation #rtblogseries, where we will explore methods of remote patient monitoring in a variety of medical specialties such as Behavioral Health, Pulmonology and Pain Management. 

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