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Client Testimonial: Deborah A. King Physical Therapy

Image of Jessica Shaw
Jessica Shaw

Founded in 1978, Deborah A. King Therapy is located in the heart of metro city Kansas and facilitates care to both children and adults. Their mission focuses on providing high quality comprehensive care in a safe and successful healing environment whether that be serving patients in nursing homes, day care centers and even corporate settings. With services ranging from physical and occupational therapy, they also specialize in treating cognitive language deficits, evaluating hand injuries as well as improving women’s health. 

Deborah A. King Therapy has been with Raintree since early 2018 and has been utilizing the primary fundamentals of our software in terms of basic clinical documentation, simplified reporting and standard billing features. While our tools are built for enterprise level functionality, you can see that even for small practices, Raintree is a digital healthcare platform that is configurable for any sized practice and offers scalable growth for all types of businesses. 

“Raintree gives you a great format to do both medical documentation and billing. Also, they let you customize many things to fit the needs of your company. The representatives are helpful and work well finding the solution to any issue. It is both a secure and user friendly program.” -Austin Winter, Deborah A. King Physical Therapy

If you would like to learn more about the powerful functionality and affordability of our small practice solutions, click here to visit our website. 

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