SSI CEO Catalyst & Leadership Booster

Event Date: Saturday, February 24 – Sunday, February 25, 2024
Location: Westlake, CA

About SSI CEO Catalyst & Leadership Booster

Survival Strategies Inc. is the first training and consulting firm devoted to Private Practice Owners. Founder Craig Ferreira devised the company’s services based on his own experience consulting and troubleshooting hundreds of businesses using a proven management system he had previously studied. His goal for SSI was to provide the knowledge and tools Private Practice Owners need to overcome similar obstacles: How do you bring in a steady stream of new patients? How to increase revenues and eliminate the peaks and valleys? Where do you find good staff?

The Raintree experts will be on-site during their CEO Catalyst & Leadership Booster event, demonstrating why Raintree is therapy’s favorite EMR.

A simple mockup of an eBook titled: The Impact of Customer Experience on Practice Revenue."

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