As technology in healthcare continues to evolve, practice management softwares and other patient engagement platforms are quickly learning that in order to facilitate positive experiences, they must better capture as well as strategically generate personalized patient data such as outcomes, communication preferences, etc.

In fact, with 90% of consumers reporting that they are willing to divulge personal behavioral data in exchange for an easier experience, and 72% saying that they will only engage with personalized messaging, it’s clear that the majority desire a customized digital experience.

Selecting Patient Groups

Creating campaigns that target a specific objective is the first step in personalizing a patient’s plan of care. By establishing a goal, for example, promoting higher participation rates in weekly therapy and rehab programs, it becomes easier to identify the patient groups that should receive targeted messaging.

To take it a step further, utilizing patient information such as a preference for virtual or in-office appointments, or knowing that a specific location offers the equipment needed for their potential plan of care can create deeply customized campaigns that engage the patient to become more proactive in their own therapy treatment.

Be aware: For patients who do not want to participate in personalized experiences, it’s important to offer the option to unsubscribe from messaging that isn’t related to billing and appointments. Additionally, there may be patients who prefer one form of communication over another (i.e. texting versus emails) that may need to be catered to. 

In particular, Duke Health recently applied personalized messaging techniques to increase participation in their smoking cessation programs. As a result, over 1,000 patients requested more information about the program and there was a 30-35% success rate among those that did enroll (that’s 10 times more than usual!). 

Personalizing Automated Messaging

With the advent of patient engagement platforms, it’s easier than ever to capture usable, behavioral data. From automated appointment reminders, patient surveys, and self-scheduling options, technology has given patients the power to customize their own experience at their own pace. So as a therapy and rehab practice, utilizing a platform that allows for configurable messaging and branding is key to making as many of those moments personable and purposeful.

Healthcare Coaching

Outside of automated patient engagement and campaigns, data can be utilized to create personalized treatment and coaching experiences as well. By gathering behavioral information to analyze, therapists can tailor a plan of care that not only uniquely benefits the patient, but can see as much as a 112% increase in patients actually completing treatment.

While therapists can’t effectively provide one-on-one coaching to an endless number of patients, virtual care options, such as remote patient monitoring and telehealth appointments, has made personalized therapy and rehab more accessible than ever. 

Technology That Can Keep Up

The true first step in creating positive patient outcomes based on personalized data is selecting an EMR and practice management software that not only captures relevant information, but has the tools to transform that data into something actionable.

  • Capturing data during digital patient intake
  • Identifying and analyzing patient trends
  • Creating targeted campaigns
  • Consistently pushing high patient engagement
  • Providing telehealth and other convenience options

With Raintree System’s patient portal, digital intake is easier than ever, enabling patients to register, schedule, and check-in for appointments all in one simple, secure place. That same patient portal serves as a hub for not only appointment management, but automated communication, and most importantly, a place for patients to review information concerning their communication preferences as well as fill out additional forms that can be used in segmenting patient groups.

With the power of all that in Connect, our all-in-one engagement platform, in addition to Raintree’s advanced business intelligence tools, it’s easier than ever to leverage the right technology that can help you analyze patient data, identify trends, and create relevant campaigns. If you’re interested in learning more, we encourage you to schedule a free demo or discovery call with us!