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How To Financially Optimize Your Business During A Pandemic

Image of Jessica Shaw
Jessica Shaw

While society is just beginning to reopen in phases, the healthcare industry has been facing this new “normal” for quite some time. Whether it be advocating for financial stability or adapting to alternative methods of treatment, therapy practices, behavioral health agencies, specialty clinics and other medical affiliated businesses all have become experts at overcoming the unique challenges of providing patient care during this pandemic. 

Here at Raintree, we want to commend all healthcare professionals for their hard work and their continuous dedication in ensuring our health and safety. However, while times may be difficult and ever changing, there are some ways we can help you further pursue business continuity by way of improving workflow efficiency and increasing profitability through the use of our automated RCM, Billing and Collections tools. Keep reading to learn more about our solutions and how to better stimulate the financial health of your business during COVID-19.

Flexible Functionality 

With easy to use dashboards that organize patient demographics, billing status, insurance, provider and authorization information all on one screen, both faxing and mailing can easily be performed directly from Raintree. Configurable claim follow up queue settings also allow you to increase workflow efficiency by automating medical records being sent based on reason code, quickly generating all other appeal packets and sending files directly to insurance companies. Our interoperable RCM, Billing and Collections tools make it easier to process appeals and organize claim confirmations, all while giving you the opportunity to simultaneously utilize the same EMR/EHR software your business uses for clinical documentation and scheduling. 

Simplified Collections Queue & Reporting

Our AR follow up queue gives you the ability to use interactive reporting features that provide a comprehensive list of filters and drill downs that help you efficiently sort through claim status codes by insurance providers, location and other categories of your choosing. You can also quickly view denial reason codes in the follow up breakdown dashboard, making the denial management process easier to track for your employees. Additionally, our productivity metrics provide an administrative overview of staff tasks, helping you evaluate employee actions in order to ensure quality as well as better manage exceptions, denials, underpayments and patient collections. With these tools, you are quickly able to identify what is driving your denials, strategically address AR issues and gain additional insight on how to effectively streamline your operations. 

Patient Engagement

While payment posting, AR follow up and denial management are all important components of the RCM process, our solutions are aimed to make the patient revenue cycle easier, user friendly as well as more efficient through automation and patient engagement tools that seamlessly connect you with patients, providers, referrals and payors. In addition to telehealth, patient portals and our integrated CRM, you have the ability to call, send a letter, text or email patients with reminders and alerts of their account status. With Raintree, it is easy to set-up and maintain patient communication preferences, open invoice notifications, manage statements and account balances or other on-demand payment scheduling. You can also send e-statements that allow patients to easily access real time invoice amounts, past payments and balances due via their computer or mobile device. This not only gives you a complete 360 degree view of the patient revenue cycle but also offers your patients flexibility and security when personally managing their payments. 

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