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Social Distancing vs Social Isolation

Image of Jessica Shaw
Jessica Shaw

While all of us are trying our best to make the most of being in quarantine, it is important to remember that social distancing is NOT social isolation. Face to face interactions, even if they are virtually through a screen, are vital to the development and personal health of anyone. Here at Raintree, we care about your wellbeing and want you to stay connected to friends, family and yourself during this time of staying home, so we have provided a list of digital resources that make it easy and fun to continue communicating and participating in engaging activities. 

For those who are struggling to stay at home, zoos, museums and theme parks from all around the world are hosting virtual tours. While these resources are fun ways to escape your living room, they also provide educational value for children and families. Click on the links below to explore these places from the comfort of your own home. 

Travel through time to learn about the ancient Romans, discover Egyptian civilizations or explore any time period of your choosing throughout history. The British Museum of London has created an interactive timeline of which you can navigate where to go and what to look at, as if you were really there.

The Louvre in Paris, France is one of the most popular museums in the world and now you can sort through images and video galleries of each of its exhibition halls. Make sure to also check out the Mona Lisa Virtual Reality Experience so that you can get a closer look at one of the most famous paintings ever to be created.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History features an impressive virtual tour that covers over 20 exhibits. Their online gallery also includes an interactive map that allows you to choose which direction you want to go, giving you full access to everything there is to see and experience.

If you are more interested in art, you will definitely want to virtually visit the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California. This online resource via Google Maps features multiple presentations that zoom in on paintings as well as offer in depth history about eighteenth-century artists.

From beluga whales, jellyfish and sea otters to African penguins, piranhas and sharks, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia has set up live cameras in a number of different exhibits so that visitors can keep an eye on their favorite animals.

The San Diego Zoo gives the public an insider look at some of the world’s favorite animals such as tigers, elephants, giraffes and pandas. They also have a variety of games, activities, puzzles and crafts for kids to participate in at home.

The infamous Walt Disney World Resort has released 360 degree views of each of their parks via Google Maps. You can also visit Disney’s YouTube to virtually ride some of their most popular attractions as well as virtually watch firework shows and parades.

Legoland also has a virtual tour and interactive map that lets visitors guide themselves throughout the park and virtually ride attractions.

Although we advise you to still go outside for some fresh air, you can also visit the national parks via live webcams, virtual events and online activities for kids. Check out this link to scroll through the “Virtual Park Calendar”.

If you are undecided and just want to look at a variety of different activities and resources, here is a link to an entertainment calendar that lists over a 1000 things to do while you are stuck at home.

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