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How To Foster A Virtual Work Culture

Image of Jessica Shaw
Jessica Shaw

As May is National Mental Health Month, it is important to recognize the personal wellness and stability of your employees by making efforts to promote a happy, healthy workforce. To do this, here are some ways that can help you foster a virtual company culture that keeps your employees personally engaged and professionally productive. 

Team Building Activities 

While work can involve tedious, long hours at times, remember that your employees have to work as a team in order to best take advantage of strategically utilizing everyone's strengths. However, to work in teams, you have to establish trust and what better way to do that than to get to know your coworkers through Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, RingCentral and any other digital facetime resource. Some virtual team building activities include: 

  • bingo, trivia or pictionary
  • scattergories or charades
  • group lunch breaks or parties 

Here at Raintree, a few of our teams have hosted Zoom parties with themed activities and costumes. Below is a screenshot featuring Raintree's Specialty Market (RSM) engineers, developers, sales and client services personnel. 

RSM Zoom Party 


With everything that is going on, it can be easy for employees to become overwhelmed and lose focus. That is why developing an environment that encourages collaboration and open communication is key in ensuring everyone is on the same page in terms of new project deadlines, department goals and company updates. It is also important to set clear expectations and establish appropriate professional guidelines for yourself and others to follow such as video chat etiquette and scheduled daily meetings.

Whichever online chat platform your business may use, you should know that it is critical to efficiently manage workflows and organize internal communication. While Raintree has plenty of rooms designated for different departments, projects and teams, we also have two universal staff chats. One is for formal company announcements and the other is titled "team water cooler". It's here we give our employees a place to chat, share and engage with others on a more personable level. From news articles and backyard gardens to pictures of family and office pets, it's important for remote teams to feel like they are able to connect with one another about topics that matter to them outside of work. 

Raintree Team Water Cooler

Raintree Team Water CoolerRaintree Team Water Cooler

Core Values & Vision  

It is important to make sure your employees understand and recognize your company's core values. For example, Raintree's mission during the COVID crisis has been "to make healthcare affordable, efficient and accessible to everyone". In order for our teams to resonate with this vision, as a company we strive to promote each individuals' value and significance they have in playing their part to achieve that goal. 

While a company's history details the fundamental development of a business, it is the story of why you do what you do, how you do it and for who that matters in times like now, when we all are experiencing a shift to a new normal. By reinforcing your company's goals, you are motivating your employees to be productive as well as acknowledging their hard work is not being taken for granted but being appreciated.

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