Living in 2021: Part 1

A year ago today we had no idea what 2020 would have in store for us. Although we have each experienced trials and tribulations both collectively and individually, we are here today to face yet another new year full of opportunities. That being said, it will also be another year of navigating continuous change, so to stay safe but still manage to live your life, we’ve created a two part “Living In 2021” series that will cover what to expect and how to overcome the new “normal”.

Business Per Not-So-Usual

Whether you’re working an essential job, are headed back to the office or even beginning a blended phase of working that is both in-person and remote – your safety is still of the utmost importance. For starters, common gestures in the workplace such as handshakes, high-fives and even fist-bumps are not the best methods of non-verbal communication nowadays. Safer alternatives include hand waves, written notes and of course, verbal engagement with one another. That being said accidents can and will happen so a great tip is to carry readily available hand-sanitizer with you as a precaution. 

Furthermore, although masks are effective, keeping distance from others is key to decreasing risk of exposure. In the workplace, this is both the responsibility of managers and employees alike. For managers, taking steps like staggering shifts, designing socially distanced workspaces, establishing sanitization areas and even implementing a no-visitor policy are all great ways to help keep your employees safe. As an employee, it is important to mind the spacing between yourself and your colleagues (using the recommended 6 feet as a minimum marker), keeping a tidy workspace and adhering to the specified precautionary measures of your employer as each environment will likely have different rules and regulations to suit its needs.


Dating In A Pandemic

When it comes to dating in 2021, things get a little tricky. While going out on dates typically involves a lot of physical contact with strangers, it is simply not a safe or smart option at the moment. Similar to our workplace tips, try relying on contactless methods of engagement with the other person and keeping sanitizer on hand, just in case. Choosing outdoor locations and activities such as the ones listed below are also helpful for decreasing risk. 

  • Lake or beach day

  • Outdoor dining or picnicking

  • Walking, bike riding and hiking

  • Mini-golf, horseback riding and drive-in movies

Wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance of at least 6 feet is certainly not ideal when trying to get to know someone, but currently, it is the best way to decrease risk for yourself and your potential match. Remember, spread love – not Covid!

Restaurants | Gyms | Events

When it comes to everyday activities outside of work, there have been quite a few changes. Eating in restaurants, for example, has become a topic of conflict for experts. Generally, eating outdoors or in more spaced out restaurants are thought to be safer for guests as well as wearing a mask when not eating or drinking, but be sure to head over to CDC’s page to learn more about their guidelines for eating out.

If you are eager to get back to the gym for the new year, rest assured there are options to keep you safe while you workout. As far as indoor gyms go, obviously there is more risk than exercising outdoors but if you do choose to go inside, make sure you wear your mask (social distanced breathers are recommended) and sanitize equipment after use. Other suggestions include working out at home or outside if possible. To read more information, follow these CDC tips for social activities

For events and gatherings, such as art shows, parties, holidays, etc… be sure to pay attention to your local laws and regulations as well as actual case numbers in your area. For most events, it is recommended to use masks and maintain distance from one another, but if you are planning to host one or participate, check out the CDC’s official recommendations on the issue and follow these safety tips.

With all of this being said, it is important to remember that eventually we will beat this pandemic and that a lot of these new customs are only temporary. In the meantime, the main priority is to continue to connect with each other and the things that make us most happy in life, just in the safest way possible. Tune in next week to read part two of our “Living In 2021” series to learn even more about everyday strategies for the working remote, learning online and digital shopping alternatives.