Wishing everyone a happy first week of spring! This season inspires growth and rejuvenation, not to mention what many refer to as ‘Spring Cleaning’. Everyone has something that needs a good cleaning-up or restart, if you will, so, for specialized healthcare providers struggling with their software platform, we are here to help! In today’s blog we’ll be breaking down why DIY software can help you get specific solutions you need for your specialized practice and clean up the mess that often comes with ‘one-size-fits-all’ models. 

DIY | What and Why

So what do we mean by DIY software? Glad you asked! We are referring to utilizing a software platform that enables you to configure aspects of the system through a variety of powerful tools in order to get the best possible outcomes for your unique needs. That being said, Raintree will always give you the power to build the software system you need with or without the help of our experts.

Raintree’s low-code application platform (LCAP) works much like Legos, meaning it enables you to add on to the system you already have in order to enhance your software environment or create a completely new one from scratch!

The difference between low-code and no-code is similar to buying a totally premade gingerbread house vs buying one with the foundation set, but decorations not yet put on. No code simply means there will be no coding involved with setting up the system i.e. everything is ready to go from the start, low-code, on the other hand, allows you to make your own modifications onto the foundation of the software system we provide.

LCAPs are often a great option for many practices, especially large enterprise clinics or niche specialty markets. With the ability to choose, custom build and/or buy whatever solutions your business needs, our software allows you opportunities for unlimited growth and enables you to drive innovation. If you’re interested in learning more, call today to schedule your very own demo and see what LCAP solutions can do for you!