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National Mental Health Month I 2020

Image of Jessica Shaw
Jessica Shaw

As a preferred technical partner and solutions provider in the healthcare industry we offer EHR efficiency tools that allow medical and billing practices to custom build solutions, streamline RCM as well as optimize Practice Management. In addition to pediatric and physical therapy some of our other specialty markets include and are not limited to behavioral health, pain management, chiropractic, pulmonology, bariatric and rheumatology.

With May being National Mental Health Month, we wanted to provide some insight on specific features and functionalities of our software that best accommodate the Behavioral Health market. Whether it be group therapy, addiction management, clinical counseling and more, here are 3 reasons why Raintree is the perfect platform for behavioral/mental health agencies. 

Customization & Flexible Functionality   

Raintree’s platform is highly customizable allowing for Behavioral Health agencies to operate under state and local rules as well as their own individual preferences. Our platform gives you the ability to customize diagnostic assessments, treatment plans, workflows and state mandatory reporting in addition to any other clinical documents. With configurable narratives and alerts, content can be customized to meet your agency’s unique needs.

You can access and utilize Raintree through the use of desktop computers, laptops and tablets. This allows you the convenience of being able to access providers, patient information and clinical documentation from multiple locations and devices.

  • For crisis workers, this flexibility serves as a powerful asset for those who need to access patient information while actively on the scene.  
  • For staff who visit patients in their home or in community settings, using a tablet or laptop to gather information and patient signatures increases staff productivity.
  • For therapists or clinical staff on the move, the ability to get away from behind the desk and use a mobile device allows for better communication and connection with patients. 

Workflow Efficiency & Task Management 

By collecting and organizing case information such as when a patient starts and finishes a program, Raintree’s case management tools make it easy to track and analyze patients’ length of stay, treatment outcomes, program dates, assigned therapists as well as identify case managers. 

Unlike many Practice Management and EHR vendors, Raintree allows for an agency to have one or more treatment plans for a client in addition to allowing for one or more clinical staff members to work on the same treatment plan. This process streamlines workflow efficiency in terms of simplifying clinical documentation for therapists who treat patients that participate in multiple programs. It also proves beneficial for teams, since they can stay better informed of their patients’ goals, objectives and interventions. 

Our tools also provide extensive data validation at the point of entry, billing review and AR follow up. This gives you the ability to improve accuracy and decrease operation costs by scheduling data validation checks that help manage the correct information and simplify the jobs of those who primarily interact with data.  

In addition, Raintree helps you manage, organize and assign tasks to individual task dashboards, so that staff can easily access and prioritize their tasks throughout the day. This task system is very powerful in terms of tracking how long it takes a person to complete a task and bringing it to the attention of a supervisor if the task is not done in a timely manner. 

Simplified & Seamless Integrations 

Our interoperable RCM, Billing and Collections solutions include ledger and reporting tools that help increase profitable cash flow, reduce rejected claims as well as improve productivity. With automated RCM, we are able to optimize your agency’s labor demand in turn saving you time and money. 

It is also important to note Raintree’s years of experience creating outbound Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) files for submission of the required data in addition to processing these return files in order to show whether the data sent was accepted or rejected. This is especially critical to Behavioral Health agencies since reporting to local and state authorities is a requirement. 

Lastly, Raintree’s Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics helps Behavioral Health agencies track information, analyze data trends, create customized reports as well as present data in configurable dashboards that best suit the needs and requirements of your business. Our BI and Analytics platform is designed to access critical information in the database and better assist you in understanding measurable goals and progress tracking.

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