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Practice Reopening Strategies: The 4 C's

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Jessica Shaw

Even though the majority of the world has been closed for business, the healthcare industry has had to adapt and overcome the new challenges of providing alternative methods of patient care via telehealth. Now that society is entering the beginning stages of reopening, we wanted to make sure that our clients, from larger, enterprise level rehab facilities and behavioral health agencies to small therapy practices and specialty market clinics, that you are prepared to reopen your business to the public more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Below are the “4 C’s” we advise you to follow in order to best sustain a safe and healthy practice. 


While operations will begin to resume, it is important to remember to respect the space of your patients and accommodate their differing levels of comfort coming back into a shared physical environment. One way to do this, is to limit your clinical capacity by making sure not to schedule too many patients at one time in addition to creating a balance between in person visits and appointments conducted via telehealth. If a patient is willing to receive treatment through the use of telehealth or if it is unnecessary for them to come in, take advantage of their much appreciated flexibility and make use of your clinic space for patients who absolutely need physical guidance during their visit. The same applies for employees who are able to continue working remotely, the less amount of people in your clinic results in greater assurance of your patients’ safety. Another method of limiting capacity is to utilize online patient portals that provide virtual waiting rooms and encourage your patients to wait in designated spots outside or in the parking lot until the time comes for their appointment to start. 


From start to finish, your patients should be rest assured that their safety and wellness is your number one priority. Whether it be sanitization stations scattered throughout your clinic with cleansing wipes and hand washing areas made easily accessible or signs posted with reminders for employees to clean their work spaces as well as disinfect equipment after every patient use, it is critical to enforce proactive cleaning habits for the health of your practice. 


Before you reopen, it is important to set standards for both your employees and patients by effectively communicating the values and goals of your business so that everyone develops the same understanding of how to proceed as well as what to expect. You can create mini explainer videos that help provide patients with important information regarding operational safety protocols such as topics like “Social Distancing Best Practices” or “Staff Sanitizing Routines”.  Additionally, appointment reminders, email blasts and recall health alers aid in emphasizing your continuous efforts to provide patient care in a safe environment. 


Most importantly, any precautionary measures you can think to take, you should definitely take them at first opportunity. Being proactive is what is going to impress patients and stabilize your visit count during this time of change and uncertainty. By having your employees wear masks and use gloves between contact with different patients, you are ensuring your practice meets CDC guidelines, which you can fully access here

Also, be sure to take notice and be aware of the symptoms and signs of the CoronaVirus, so that you can exercise your best judgment when providing services to patients of all ages. You can read the CDC’s official list of these symptoms here. In addition, it is advised that you develop the details of an exposure plan, so that you can easily monitor the health of your staff and incoming patients.

We hope you will consider these “4 C’s” when you plan to reopen your business and start regaining a sense of normalcy. While the healthcare industry is disrupted, it has never been put on hold thanks to the increasing developments of telehealth and virtual patient engagement tools. However, even with our newly enhanced Connect solutions, Raintree continues to pursue our mission of, “making healthcare more efficient, affordable and accessible for everyone” Richard Welty, Founder & CEO of Raintree Systems.  

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