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#NEDA Awareness Week Pt. 2

As you may know from part 1 of our #NEDA series, this week has been dedicated to increasing National Eating Disorders Awareness. While we have already discussed its history and purpose, today we want to dive deeper into the affects eating disorders have not only

#NEDA Awareness Week Pt.1

Eating disorders have been a prevalent problem in America for decades. In fact, about 20 million women and 10 million men experience eating disorders at some point in their lifetime. That is why so many organizations across the country come together to improve education and

Coruzant Technologies ft. Terrence Sims

Discover more about optimizing healthcare technology that is built for providers, partners and patient consumers alike!  Read the full article here, or listen to the podcast, 

American Heart Month 2021

While February is most commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, for over 50 years it has also been recognized as the official American Heart Month in which advocacy efforts are made nationwide to bring awareness to cardiovascular health. That is why, today we are discussing the

How COVID Has Shaped Healthcare

The year 2020 has brought many unexpected challenges, but with unexpected challenges come unexpected solutions. Which is why we wanted to discuss the future of healthcare from what has already changed to the ways in which experts anticipate how new technological developments and progressing patient

Living In 2021: Part 2

Earlier this week, we discussed the impact COVID has had on some of our everyday habits in terms of how we socialize with others in public spaces like stores, gyms, restaurants and even on dates all during a pandemic. While we can only offer so

Living in 2021: Part 1

A year ago today we had no idea what 2020 would have in store for us. Although we have each experienced trials and tribulations both collectively and individually, we are here today to face yet another new year full of opportunities. That being said, it

World Cancer Day

In the world’s constant fight against cancer, every second, every action and every person makes the biggest difference. This year World Cancer Day falls on February 4th, 2021, so please join us to learn more about this movement and how you can make an impact.

National Blood Donor Month

National Blood Donor month was officially proclaimed by President Richard Nixon in January of 1970 with the intention to honor generous donors as well as motivate more people to donate their blood. Since then, the American Red Cross has organized a month-long observance every January

Happy Healthy Holidays: How to Avoid Overeating

The holiday season is the time of year cherished by so many, where we can all come together and reflect upon what is most important to us. This year, it is no secret that mental and physical health have been our critical points of focus