Company Updates and Culture

Co-Founder Letter: Our Renewed Mission for 2022

Reflecting On 2021  For all of us here at Raintree, the theme for 2021 was perseverance. As we started the year continuing to battle COVID, making decisions on vaccinations, travel and social gatherings, we were challenged to be good citizens. For many of us that

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

In addition to an already challenging year, 2021 has been especially hard for the Raintree family due to the sudden loss of our founder and leader, Richard Welty, who committed suicide on July 21st. Despite the nature of his passing not being common knowledge, we

Low-Code, No Code Press Release

Our latest press release from CISION PRNewswire covers how our low-code/no code software enables specialty healthcare practices with tools built for their unique needs! “TEMECULA, Calif., Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Raintree Systems, the premier Low Code/No Code software solutions provider for the healthcare Industry,

Raintree Systems NO COST Telehealth in Response to Covid-19

Temecula, CA – Raintree Systems has been developing software solutions for the Healthcare Industry for nearly 40 years and their technology stack has been leveraged repeatedly by software development enthusiasts, as well as experts that are looking to rapidly build application solutions for their business.

Raintree Partners With Sphere

Sphere is a leading financial technology and software company revolutionizing integrated commerce solutions for healthcare and its synergistic verticals. Trusted by the nation’s largest health systems, Sphere delivers a highly integrated cloud-based platform that reduces friction and facilitates better and more secure patient payments that

Employee Appreciation Day: #RTFamily

Even though March 5th is Employee Appreciation Day, here at Raintree, we strive to always commemorate our amazing staff. That’s why we wanted to give you a sneak peek into what makes us so special as well as introduce only some of our very own

Coruzant Technologies ft. Terrence Sims

Discover more about optimizing healthcare technology that is built for providers, partners and patient consumers alike!  Read the full article here, or listen to the podcast, 

How to Foster a Virtual Work Culture

As May is National Mental Health Month, it is important to recognize the personal wellness and stability of your employees by making efforts to promote a happy, healthy workforce. To do this, here are some ways that can help you foster a virtual company culture

Founder Letter: Our Mission 2020

As most of the world now knows, we are all facing concerns and in some cases fears of the global impact COVID-19 poses to humanity and we highly encourage everyone to stay home as much as possible to help curb the spread of the virus.