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How To Social Distance: Low Risk Activities

While a lot of places like amusement parks, resorts and vacation destinations are beginning to reopen in phases, there has been much discussion and controversy over the way in which they do so. Whether it be a lack of precautionary measures or the implementation of

Stimulus Act Updates I 2020

While we are beginning to see certain states start to reopen beaches, restaurants and public businesses, it will be interesting to see how the government continues to handle kickstarting the economy as well as stabilizing the returning workforce.  As of April 21, 2020 the Senate

WHO Hand Washing Campaign

It has been proven that hand washing is an essential part of daily hygiene and now even more so during the CoronaVirus, the practice of effectively washing your hands has never been so crucial to stopping the spread of germs and bacteria. Not only is

HHS & CMS: Provider Relief Updates

Currently, there are two types of financial relief that healthcare providers can possibly receive:   CARES Act – Provider Relief Stimulus Check funded by HHS (Providers do not pay back) Accelerated and Advance Payments Program by CMS  (Providers payback in 120 Days via their regular Medicare