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Looking To Switch Software? 5 Tips For a Seamless Transition

Image of Bobbie Byrd
Bobbie Byrd

With new methods of treatment, updated technologies and cutting-edge research moving the field forward, healthcare is constantly evolving. This means every aspect of patient care has to keep up, including the software you use day in and day out. While taking on a new platform can be a daunting process since it impacts every aspect of your business, you can significantly mitigate the disruption to your patients and staff by planning ahead. That is why we have broken down "the switch" into these five painless steps.

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Raintree Partners With Sphere

Image of Jessica Shaw
Jessica Shaw

Sphere is a leading financial technology and software company revolutionizing integrated commerce solutions for healthcare and its synergistic verticals. Trusted by the nation’s largest health systems, Sphere delivers a highly integrated cloud-based platform that reduces friction and facilitates better and more secure patient payments that drive revenue. Sphere’s Health iPASS platform enhances provider revenue collection by simplifying the patient check-in process, facilitating pre-service, time-of-service and post-service engagement as well as payments through an innovative, multi-channel virtual software interface. READ THE FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE.

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Spring Cleaning | DIY Software

Image of Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis

Wishing everyone a happy first week of spring! This season inspires growth and rejuvenation, not to mention what many refer to as ‘Spring Cleaning’. Everyone has something that needs a good cleaning-up or restart, if you will, so, for specialized healthcare providers struggling with their software platform, we are here to help! In today’s blog we’ll be breaking down why DIY software can help you get specific solutions you need for your specialized practice and clean up the mess that often comes with ‘one-size-fits-all’ models. 

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Coruzant Technologies ft. Terrence Sims

Image of Terrence Sims
Terrence Sims

Discover more about optimizing healthcare technology that is built for providers, partners and patient consumers alike! 

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