Pediatric Therapy

How Raintree’s Platform Helped Barrett Family Wellness Center Grow

Barrett Family Wellness Center (BFWC) is a community-based pediatric occupational andspeech therapy facility located in Southborough, Mass. dedicated to enhancing the health andwellness of children and their families. BFWC was founded in 2000 by occupational therapistPhyllis Barrett and her son-in-law, Ian Nolan, and her daughter,

Client Testimonial: Washington Health System

Established in 1897, the expansive Washington Health System (WHS) provides compassionate patient and family-centered care in over 40 facilities throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. Since then, their commitment to delivering the highest quality of care has positioned them as a leader in healthcare safety and valued patient

How Can Your EMR Facilitate Pediatric Goals?

How Your EMR’s Clinical Documentation Tools Can Facilitate Pediatric Goals Today’s fast-paced digital world has led pediatric therapy practices to adopt unique workflows that lean on technology to work effectively. The demand for digital solutions that meet the needs of pediatric providers is where electronic

Client Testimonial: Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center

The Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center, or Pediatric TLC, has been serving Louisiana’s Acadiana region with developmental and educational resources since 2007. Their multidisciplinary facility offers a wide range of therapeutic services that are designed to help pre-k and school-aged children thrive.

Therapy Summer Series: Aquatic Therapy

Water is not only fun to play with when the outside temperatures soar, but also a great natural motivator and healing tool, which is why aquatic therapy can be so effective. This type of therapy uses water’s unique properties to boost exercise performance without straining

Methods of Speech Therapy

From mouth exercises and assistive technology to food textures and musical stimulation, there’s much more to speech therapy than just helping someone who is having difficulty speaking. In fact, a speech-language pathologist (SLP) can create a customizable treatment plan for both children and adult patients

Rehab Therapy for Long-Haul Covid Patients

UPDATED: 5/11/2023 Studies show that nearly 53% of patients struggle with symptoms for up to 12 months after infection—a year of constant sickness that can be life-altering! With the end of the Covid-19 public health emergency in the U.S., providers can anticipate a growing demand

National Birth Defects Prevention Month

January is not only the time for new year’s resolutions; it also happens to be National Birth Defects Prevention Month. So, whether you’re looking to plan a family or are a healthcare provider who delivers pediatric care, we’ve compiled some important facts and resources about

Client Testimonial: MedCare Pediatric Group

Founded in 1991, MedCare Pediatric Group is a multi-location practice that boasts a comprehensive range of nursing and therapy services for children with special medical or developmental needs. For the past 25 years, MedCare’s mission has been to enhance the lives of children every day

What Are the Four Therapy Specialties?

People of all ages with a wide range of health conditions need care from an expert therapist, but finding the right provider can sometimes be confusing. Although therapies may share some naming conventions or have similar end goals, there are four primary therapy specialties that