Pediatric Therapy

Client Testimonial: Heartspring

Heartspring, formerly known as the Institute of Logopedics, was founded in 1934 and has been leading innovation in the field of special needs services for children ever since. In fact, their two objectives to help their patients grow and build a life with more independence

Client Testimonial: Easterseals DuPage

Founded in 1942, the Illinois Association for the Crippled, now known as Easterseals Dupage, began as an in-home service for 15 different families. Easterseals DuPage opened its doors in June 1999 with a mission aimed to help disabled infants, children and adults attain full independence

4 Software Needs for Pediatric Practices

Delivering care to young children differs greatly from treating adult patients, which means pediatric practices have unique operational requirements that are best streamlined with specific technology-enabled solutions. Instead of opting for a software tailored to adult therapy, pediatric clinics need a system with specialty specific

Telehealth Guide For Pediatric Providers

Although telehealth adoption was already on the rise before Covid-19, the demand for virtual care has significantly increased since March 2020, which saw a 154% surge in telehealth visits. As healthcare specialties began adapting to telehealth, pediatricians in particular started recognizing the benefits of virtual

Client Testimonial: Pediatric Associates of NYC

Pediatric Associates of NYC has been New York City’s most trusted pediatric care facility for over 7 decades. Founded in 1948, Pediatric Associates has dedicated their work to go above and beyond. Each and every patient that is admitted to or born at NYU is

Client Testimonial: Solaris Pediatric Therapy

Located in Houston, Texas, Solaris Pediatric Therapy is a therapeutic facility for children that offers both occupational and physical therapy with a unique, holistic approach. Solaris is built up of talented and adept therapists who seek to bring each and every child tools they need

Client Testimonial: Pediatric Therapy Northshore

Located in Covington, Louisiana, Pediatric Therapy Northshore is a private therapy clinic that offers a variety of sensory based treatments, allowing for individualized intervention and quality care. Their services include speech, occupational, music and feeding therapy all of which are provided by their female led