Practice Management

EMR Tools to Boost RCM Amid Staffing Issues

Automated EMR Tools to Counteract Staffing Shortages As patient volumes increase, the demand for quality medical professionals has become more apparent than ever before. These climbing staffing issues have compounded existing revenue cycle management (RCM) challenges even further, putting a massive strain on outpatient therapy

Reducing Outpatient Therapy Costs Through Optimized Revenue Cycle Management

Reduce Outpatient Therapy Costs Through Optimized RCM As the healthcare industry continues to expand, outpatient therapy and rehab practices are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs while maintaining quality of care. Let’s look at the ways your organization can increase cash flow and reduce

Claims Denial Management and Prevention: Tackling the Denials Backlog

Tackling the Denials Backlog Did you know that 65% of claim denials are not reworked? These denied claims have led to significant revenue loss in healthcare, with individual providers potentially losing millions per year in denials alone! While it’s not always possible or efficient to

Prepping Your Practice for the New Year

Prepping Your Practice for the New Year: Improving Patient Retention and Outcomes With 2023 on the horizon, it’s time to brace your practice for an influx of new patients that have resolved to improve their health. But that’s not all that the new year brings!

How to Create the Best Workflows in 2023

Your electronic health record (EHR) system is a valuable tool in your practice, but too many practices aren’t using their software to their maximum potential. To take full advantage of your EHR’s benefits, you should take special care to evaluate, analyze, and redesign your practice’s

How Can Your EMR Facilitate Pediatric Goals?

How Your EMR’s Clinical Documentation Tools Can Facilitate Pediatric Goals Today’s fast-paced digital world has led pediatric therapy practices to adopt unique workflows that lean on technology to work effectively. The demand for digital solutions that meet the needs of pediatric providers is where electronic

Raintree’s Ultimate Guide to Medical Billing Software for 2023

Let’s go into the new year armed with the information you need to optimize your revenue cycle management (RCM) and billing processes! While our blog is teeming with information to improve your revenue, we’ve put together this library of resources that encompasses all of the

The Future of Raintree’s Therapy and Rehab Provider Journey

Raintree’s Vision of the Provider Journey As always, Raintree’s continued mission as an all-in-one electronic record system (EMR) is to provide therapists with a simple and efficient therapy and rehab provider journey that enables a stronger focus on patient care while also meeting the business

How Do Therapy and Rehab Providers Benefit from Patient Portals?

In 2020, nearly 40% of individuals nationwide accessed their medical records via a patient portal. While this statistic is already ample motivation for healthcare professionals to maintain fully functional patient engagement tools, how else can therapy and rehab providers benefit from patient portals? The straightforward answer is