Practice Management

Wellness Strategies for Managing Burnout

In the past we’ve talked about tools and methods to avoid therapist burnout by leveraging technology-enabled solutions to lessen stressful workloads. Today we’re resuming that conversation in order to discuss what burnout could mean on a personal and professional level as well as explore some

Client Testimonial: RehabVisions

Founded in 1983, RehabVisions began as a shared venture between two brothers to provide medically underserved areas with the full scope of high-quality therapy and rehab services. However, in 2001, RehabVisions expanded their reach by establishing a travel division, Cariant Health Partners, which was designed to

Client Testimonial: Functional Kids Clinic

Established in 2001, Functional Kids Clinic has been serving families in Minnesota’s greater Twin Cities area with specialized pediatric therapy for over 20 years! From occupational and physical therapy to speech-language pathology, Functional Kids Clinic is dedicated to providing challenging, fun therapy options for young

Comparing In-Patient, Out-Patient and Home-Based Therapy

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 2.4 billion people worldwide have conditions that benefit from therapy and rehab efforts. While anyone may suddenly need help after an injury, surgery or illness, there are various treatment options that patients may want to discuss with

Client Testimonial: Valley Rehab Physical Therapy

Based in Mount Vernon, Washington, Valley Rehab Physical Therapy provides evidence-based physical and occupational therapy services that target pain management as well as help injured patients safely return to work or resume daily activities. Additionally, they offer prevention management education as well as specialized rehabilitation

Why Should Therapists Measure Patient Feedback?

It’s safe to say, everyone knows that a constructive feedback loop is essential for ongoing personal and professional growth, which is especially true for both patients and providers. In fact, by implementing feedback-informed treatment (FIT), an empirically-supported, structured approach to gathering as well as analyzing

Medicare Billing: Group Therapy vs Individual Therapy

It can be difficult to figure out how you should be billing Medicare for therapy services, especially if your practice offers both group and individual therapy options. It’s understandable – there are a ton of similarities between the services on both a treatment plan and

Client Testimonial: Burd Physical Therapy

Serving the cities of Rochester and Fairport, New York, Burd Physical Therapy is a private practice that provides personalized, data-driven services to patients recovering from injuries or surgery. Their fully equipped and impressively staffed locations offer a variety of specialty physical therapy programs as well

Tech In Therapy Part 2: ABA and Speech

Technology plays an integral role not only in everyday life, but in therapy and rehabilitation methods as well! In part one of our “Tech In Therapy” #rtblogseries, we explored technological advancements in both occupational therapy and physical therapy, but today’s part two will delve deeper

Tech in Therapy Part 1: Physical and Occupational

When it comes to a life-changing illness or injury, the healing process can seem daunting, so it’s important for your practice to leverage the latest and greatest methods of care delivery. In this two part #rtblogseries, discover how new technology is being utilized in therapy