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How To Engage Patients In 2021 Pt2 | Remote Patient Monitoring

Image of Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis

Within the last year we have experienced a huge boom in the use of Telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) tools as solutions to continuity of care for providers across the spectrum of healthcare. Although RPM has certainly become more popular due to quarantine - it has always been an important tool for providers. Continue reading to learn more about RPM and why it is such a critical asset to healthcare practices and patients alike.

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How COVID Has Shaped Healthcare

Image of Jessica Shaw
Jessica Shaw

The year 2020 has brought many unexpected challenges, but with unexpected challenges come unexpected solutions. Which is why we wanted to discuss the future of healthcare from what has already changed to the ways in which experts anticipate how new technological developments and progressing patient behavioral trends are predicted to continuously impact how medical providers facilitate care even after the CoronaVirus.

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