Therapy Summer Series: Sports Injuries

Sports are a fun way of staying healthy and fit as long as you don’t get injured. Yet sports injuries are not uncommon, especially if you are out of shape, not wearing protective gear, or simply playing sports with a higher risk for injury.

Therapy Summer Series: Aquatic Therapy

Water is not only fun to play with when the outside temperatures soar, but also a great natural motivator and healing tool, which is why aquatic therapy can be so effective. This type of therapy uses water’s unique properties to boost exercise performance without straining

Evolving Patient Outcomes Pt. 2: How to Encourage Proactive Patients

Improving outcomes reporting and personalizing patient experiences has become a recent, pressing goal in the healthcare community. In fact, providers that capture patient feedback often struggle to make adjustments based on what could be considered subjective information. 

Evolving Patient Outcomes Pt. 1: How to Personalize Your Data

As technology in healthcare continues to evolve, practice management softwares and other patient engagement platforms are quickly learning that in order to facilitate positive experiences, they must better capture as well as strategically generate personalized patient data such as outcomes, communication preferences, etc.

Tech In Therapy Part 2: ABA and Speech

Technology plays an integral role not only in everyday life, but in therapy and rehabilitation methods as well! In part one of our “Tech In Therapy” #rtblogseries, we explored technological advancements in both occupational therapy and physical therapy, but today’s part two will delve deeper

Tech in Therapy Part 1: Physical and Occupational

When it comes to a life-changing illness or injury, the healing process can seem daunting, so it’s important for your practice to leverage the latest and greatest methods of care delivery. In this two part #rtblogseries, discover how new technology is being utilized in therapy

5 Tips for Patient Follow-Up

One visit to a healthcare professional can remedy many patient problems, but some conditions may require ongoing treatments. This means timely follow-up care is vital for maintaining positive outcomes, fostering reliable relationships and gaining operational efficiencies. Keep reading to learn 5 tips for effective patient

New Year, New Rules Pt.3: The No Surprises Act

“Surprise billing” may be an unfamiliar term, but chances are you or someone you know has experienced it. If you’ve been “surprise billed”, you have received an unexpected bill from a facility or healthcare provider. This usually happens because you’ve received medical care from a

New Year, New Rules Pt.2: Clinical Unit Rules For Therapy

Welcome to part 2 of our “New Year, New Rules” #rtblogseries! With the finalized Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) rules for 2022, there’s a lot of changes to cover and explain. That’s why we’ve gathered all the essential information regarding billable units and modifiers to make

New Year, New Rules Pt.1: Medicare Changes for 2022

In June of 2021, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a new physician payment rule that focuses on improving healthcare equity and increasing patient accessibility. With this rule being finalized in November of last year, its changes are now in effect and will