Tech in Therapy Part 1: Physical and Occupational

When it comes to a life-changing illness or injury, the healing process can seem daunting, so it’s important for your practice to leverage the latest and greatest methods of care delivery. In this two part #rtblogseries, discover how new technology is being utilized in therapy

April is Autism and OT Awareness Month

The month of April heralds multiple awareness campaigns that are near and dear to our hearts! So, join us as we raise awareness for both National Autism Month and National Occupational Therapy Month as well as explore the connection between the two.

Benefits of Integrated Therapy in Schools

Integrated therapy in schools has become a common approach to offering therapeutic services such as occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), speech-language pathology (SLP) and applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to students in an educational environment. Similar to push-in therapy, where services are rendered in the

Multi-sensory Environments in Occupational Therapy

Created as a method of sensory therapy, a multi-sensory environment is a dedicated, flexible space with specialized equipment designed to provide an immersive experience that promotes interaction and relaxation while also stimulating senses. This idea is built around the philosophy that everyone is affected by

A Patient/Provider Guide to Easy and Engaging RCM

Looking for ways to streamline your administrative workflow? Your billing and collections process is a great place to start! Odds are there are dozens of tasks that can be automated or optimized, thus putting more time and resources back into your practice. Let’s dissect what

How to Manage Patient Expectations: Why Reviews Matter

When it comes to establishing a positive online reputation for your therapy and rehab practice, cultivating Google reviews with the help of other engagement tools is paramount. Often these reviews play a vital role in a patient’s first impression, which can set off a chain

Modernizing Healthcare Engagement with SMS: Provider Tactics for Texting

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t sending and receiving personal texts every day. However, texting isn’t just for social interaction; it can be a powerful tool in all varieties of business and is especially useful in the healthcare industry. From enhancing clinical

How Telehealth Has Advanced From 2020

While it’s been a long pandemic, so much has happened in improving how virtual care is delivered! Join us today as we admire the incredible advancements of telehealth since 2020 as well as learn how Raintree’s patient engagement tools have evolved to meet new patient

The Benefits of Automation in Healthcare

You may have an idea of what automation is and how it works in various industries, but simply put, automation refers to when you apply technology to minimize human input. In fact, many aspects of our daily lives have been improved greatly through automation—from transportation

Philanthropy in Healthcare | Why it Matters

A staggering number of advancements in healthcare research are due to philanthropic efforts and fundraisers. In fact, donations play such a massive role in funding hospital equipment that it’s not unusual for healthcare organizations to staff a team whose sole purpose is to establish regular