Telehealth Guide For Pediatric Providers

Although telehealth adoption was already on the rise before Covid-19, the demand for virtual care has significantly increased since March 2020, which saw a 154% surge in telehealth visits. As healthcare specialties began adapting to telehealth, pediatricians in particular started recognizing the benefits of virtual

Looking to Switch Software? 5 Tips for a Seamless Transition

With new methods of treatment, updated technologies and cutting-edge research moving the field forward, healthcare is constantly evolving. This means every aspect of patient care has to keep up, including the software you use day in and day out. While taking on a new platform

Raintree Partners With Sphere

Sphere is a leading financial technology and software company revolutionizing integrated commerce solutions for healthcare and its synergistic verticals. Trusted by the nation’s largest health systems, Sphere delivers a highly integrated cloud-based platform that reduces friction and facilitates better and more secure patient payments that

How Specialty Practices Can Find Operational Efficiency Post-COVID

Our President of Strategic Growth and Marketing, Terrence Sims recently met with MarketScale, a company that is dedicated to publishing leading content for B2B growth across a variety of industries. In a 20 minute interview they discuss whether or not specialty healthcare practices would be

How to Engage Patients in 2021 Pt2 | Remote Patient Monitoring

Within the last year we have experienced a huge boom in the use of Telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) tools as solutions to continuity of care for providers across the spectrum of healthcare. Although RPM has certainly become more popular due to quarantine –

Spring Cleaning | DIY Software

Wishing everyone a happy first week of spring! This season inspires growth and rejuvenation, not to mention what many refer to as ‘Spring Cleaning’. Everyone has something that needs a good cleaning-up or restart, if you will, so, for specialized healthcare providers struggling with their

Coruzant Technologies ft. Terrence Sims

Discover more about optimizing healthcare technology that is built for providers, partners and patient consumers alike!  Read the full article here, or listen to the podcast, 

Living In 2021: Part 2

Earlier this week, we discussed the impact COVID has had on some of our everyday habits in terms of how we socialize with others in public spaces like stores, gyms, restaurants and even on dates all during a pandemic. While we can only offer so

Living in 2021: Part 1

A year ago today we had no idea what 2020 would have in store for us. Although we have each experienced trials and tribulations both collectively and individually, we are here today to face yet another new year full of opportunities. That being said, it

Client Testimonial: Ivy Rehab

As a network made up of 232 physical therapy clinics, Ivy Rehab facilitates care across 11 different states within the midwest and east coast. From chronic pain management to pediatric PT, OT, SLP and ABA, they offer an extensive range of services including aquatic therapy,