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    Telehealth (3)

    Raintree Systems NO COST Telehealth In Response To Covid-19

    Image of Terrence Sims
    Terrence Sims

    Temecula, CA – Raintree Systems has been developing software solutions for the Healthcare Industry for nearly 40 years and their technology stack has been leveraged repeatedly by software development enthusiasts, as well as experts that are looking to rapidly build application solutions for their business. This legacy of quickly providing powerful, affordable solutions has been especially valuable to the healthcare provider community and delivery system amidst the significant impact of Covid-19.

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    Client Testimonial: Mohawk Medical Group

    Image of Kristin Davis
    Kristin Davis

    Located in Bakersfield, California, Mohawk Medical Group is a small but mighty medical practice that specializes in family medicine as well as sports medicine. At Mohawk Medical Group the practitioners are dedicated to providing a thorough, researched approach to delivery of patient care. 

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    Making The Most Out Of Patient Survey Feedback

    Image of Melinda Curle
    Melinda Curle

    Many healthcare practices recognize the value of delivering quality experiences that make individuals feel appreciated, valued and empowered as partners in clinical decision-making. Gathering insight on the patient experience is critical to meet these goals and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a key metric that every healthcare organization can use. By adding NPS to surveys, you can easily evaluate patient satisfaction and put your findings into action by adapting your operations and obtaining more efficient clinical processes.

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    How To Optimize Digital Intake and Streamline Scheduling

    Image of Jessica Shaw and Kristin Davis
    Jessica Shaw and Kristin Davis

    As we continue to adjust to a somewhat normal state here in America, many businesses and public spaces are beginning to see an uptick in activity. But, what does this mean for healthcare providers? Continue reading to learn more about how you can leverage digital tools to manage the influx of in person appointments.

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    Telehealth Guide For Pediatric Providers

    Image of Melinda Curle
    Melinda Curle

    Although telehealth adoption was already on the rise before Covid-19, the demand for virtual care has significantly increased since March 2020, which saw a 154% surge in telehealth visits. As healthcare specialties began adapting to telehealth, pediatricians in particular started recognizing the benefits of virtual visits for children as well as how it offered parents more options to actively participate in their child's plans of care. While safeguarding loved ones from virus exposure was a chief concern throughout the pandemic, parents saw that telehealth also gave them the flexibility and convenience to seek continuity of care for their children without even having to leave the comforts of their own home. 

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    Transitioning To Telehealth - Behavioral and Mental Health

    Image of Diana Zimmerman
    Diana Zimmerman

    With telehealth solutions increasing exponentially in both usage and popularity, some healthcare specialties, in particular behavioral and mental health, have seen a big shift towards continuity of virtual care. A trend projected to persist even beyond the end of the pandemic.

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