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Raintree’s Ultimate Guide to Medical Billing Software for 2023

Let’s go into the new year armed with the information you need to optimize your revenue cycle management (RCM) and billing processes! While our blog is teeming with information to improve your revenue, we’ve put together this library of resources that encompasses all of the

The Future of Raintree’s Therapy and Rehab Provider Journey

Raintree’s Vision of the Provider Journey As always, Raintree’s continued mission as an all-in-one electronic record system (EMR) is to provide therapists with a simple and efficient therapy and rehab provider journey that enables a stronger focus on patient care while also meeting the business

How Do Therapy and Rehab Providers Benefit from Patient Portals?

In 2020, nearly 40% of individuals nationwide accessed their medical records via a patient portal. While this statistic is already ample motivation for healthcare professionals to maintain fully functional patient engagement tools, how else can therapy and rehab providers benefit from patient portals? The straightforward answer is

Client Testimonial: Columbus Speech and Hearing Center

Established in 1978 by Dr. Susie Ford, Columbus Speech and Hearing Center has provided patients across the Chattahoochee Valley in Georgia with diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology, speech-language pathology, as well as occupational therapy services.

7 Digital EMR Tools Therapists Should Be Thankful For

Technology has come a long way in enabling quality healthcare, and therapy and rehab providers have many reasons to be grateful for these advancements. In fact, with a projected $19.9 billion dollars spent on electronic health record (EHR) technology by 2024, it’s more difficult these

7 Ways to Maximize Therapy Billing Reimbursements Pt 2: Patient Payments

Patient Payment Collection Tools That Can Maximize Reimbursements Why Aren’t Patients Making Their Payments? With today’s technology capable of sending patients reminders over email, text, and more, it can be difficult to suspend disbelief that a patient is unaware of their outstanding balance. While 16%

5 Ways to Maximize Therapy Payments Pt. 1: Provider Tools

5 EMR Tools Providers Need To Maximize Therapy Payments With the hands-off experience that automation provides, how can you be sure that your processes are giving you the most bang for your buck? Join us as we explore five unique revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions

CMS Announces Final Rule for the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

On November 1st, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the final rule for the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS), meaning changes across all healthcare specialties, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, applied behavioral analysis, and more.

3 EMR Must-haves for Outpatient Therapy and At Home Care

How Outpatient Therapists That Deliver At-Home Care Can Benefit from Raintree’s EMR While technology has become an integral part of the healthcare industry, there are still some patients unable to reap the full benefits of telehealth, thus remaining dependent on home health resources for treatment.

How Should EMRs Evolve to Meet Therapist Needs?

What Therapists Want for Their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Whether it be small to medium-sized therapy clinics or enterprise-level rehab organizations, there’s no doubt that the advent of electronic medical records has improved the quality of many different healthcare specialties. From streamlined daily workflows and