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WHO Hand Washing Campaign

Image of Jessica Shaw
Jessica Shaw

It has been proven that hand washing is an essential part of daily hygiene and now even more so during the CoronaVirus, the practice of effectively washing your hands has never been so crucial to stopping the spread of germs and bacteria. Not only is it important to keep your hands clean but it is also important to remind others to wash their hands properly and often. 

WHO Save Lives: Clean Your Hands

As an extension of their global campaign Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care, the World Health Organization (WHO) began launching the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands movement in 2009. It’s primary focus is to raise awareness and motivate healthcare professionals worldwide to practice safe, healthy hand washing habits in order to best prevent the spread of diseases in a hospital or medical clinic setting. 

Their calls to action urge healthcare workers, policy makers and IPC (Infection Prevention and Control) leaders to make a difference and actively combat antibiotic resistance with regulatory handwashing promotions. Click here to learn more about WHO’s SAVES LIVES: Clean Your Hands Campaign and show your support on May 5 by posting on social media using #handhygiene and #antibioticresistance.

Spread the word, not germs.

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