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Maintain Financial Health During and After COVID

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How to Protect Your Business During A Pandemic While society is just beginning to reopen in phases, the healthcare industry has been facing this new “normal” for quite some time. Whether it be advocating for financial stability or adapting to alternative methods of treatment, therapy practices, behavioral health agencies, specialty clinics and other medical affiliated businesses all have become experts at overcoming the unique challenges of providing patient care during this pandemic.  Here at Raintree, we want to commend all healthcare professionals for their hard work and their continuous dedication in ensuring our health and safety. However, while [...]

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National Mental Health Month

2020-05-06T19:29:04+00:00Billing Software, Compliance, EHR, EHR Systems, EMR, EMR software, EMR Systems, Patient Engagement, Patient Experience, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Smartphones and Healthcare, Technology|

How to Use Technology to Elevate Patient Care As a preferred technical partner and solutions provider in the healthcare industry we offer EHR efficiency tools that allow medical and billing practices to custom build solutions, streamline RCM as well as optimize Practice Management. In addition to pediatric and physical therapy some of our other specialty markets include and are not limited to behavioral health, pain management, chiropractics, pulmonology, bariatrics, and rheumatology. With May being National Mental Health Month, we wanted to provide some insight on specific features and functionalities of our software that best accommodate the Behavioral Health [...]

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HHS/CMS Updates

2020-04-22T21:48:49+00:00Billing Software, Compliance, Corona Virus, COVID19, Disaster Recovery, EHR, EMR, Healthcare News, News, Patient Collections, Political Action, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management|

Financial Relief for Healthcare Providers Currently, there are two types of financial relief that healthcare providers can possibly receive:   CARES Act - Provider Relief Stimulus Check funded by HHS (Providers may be eligible for forgiveness) Accelerated and Advance Payments Program by CMS  (Providers payback in 120 Days via their regular Medicare payment checks) What is the CARES Act?  This March, the bipartisan CARES Act was approved by the President and put into effect to provide substantial relief to the healthcare industry. Beginning in early April, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been issuing stimulus [...]

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New CCI Edits from CMS – January 1, 2020 Updates

2020-01-03T17:46:07+00:00Billing Software, Compliance, ICD-10, MACRA, MIPS|

Important Information Regarding New CCI Edits from CMS Effective January 1st, 2020 CMS implemented new CCI edits.  Included in the new set of edits are several significant changes for Therapy CPT codes 97150 and 97530 are now listed as a Column 1 code with all of the PT and OT evaluation and reevaluation codes (97161-97168) and are not permitted to be billed on the same day as a PT or OT evaluation There is a new edit requiting a modifier 59 for CPT 97140 when billed with PT or OT evaluation Raintree has included these new CCI edits in [...]

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4 Strategies for Improving Co-Pay Collections for Physical Therapy Offices

2019-02-28T18:21:36+00:00Billing Software|

Patient healthcare cost, including a range of expenses such as copay, deductibles and other out of pocket costs, have skyrocketed by almost 30% since 2015. As changes in insurance have put patients in the position of taking on more financial responsibility for their healthcare, collections have become a greater challenge for medical service providers across the board. These payment challenges can present real problems for your physical therapy practice. For many practices, co-pay collection can present an obstacle to patient care. Here are four ways to improve co-pay collection at your physical therapy office so that your staff can put more [...]

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4 EMR Software Features That Matter Most to Mental Health Professionals

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There are intricacies to managing different types of healthcare specialties, but those that work in mental and behavioral health face distinct challenges. Multiple case studies have been done on the value of EMR software for mental health practices, yet finding the right fit can be difficult because EMR software features vary widely and not all will meet the pressing needs of mental health professionals. The daily operations of running a mental health practice involve different types of billing, management of bed availability and the fact that patients often have the option of being cared for not only on an inpatient or [...]

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4 Ways Medical Billing Software Can Improve Accounting

2019-02-28T18:21:36+00:00Billing Software|

Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult for medical practices to get the money they’ve earned by providing care for men, women, and children across the country. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: 70% of claims are paid the first time they’re submitted 30% of claims are denied, lost, or ignored 60% of all denied, lost, or ignored claims are never resubmitted 18% of claims are never collected There are reasons for this phenomenon. Insurance companies, patients, and other payers have become inundated by the system. Many patients can’t afford to pay for health insurance and can’t [...]

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Top 3 Ways EMR Systems Can Improve Your Practice’s Operations

2019-02-28T18:21:36+00:00Billing Software, EMR software, EMR Systems|

It’s estimated that medical errors cost at least $19.5 billion dollars a year. While this number is staggering on its own, add in the financial costs of lost productivity and the amount escalates to $1 trillion. While this number represents the cost to the country as whole, if your practice is losing just a fraction of this amount to lost productivity, the costs can be devastating. Today, medical practices of all types can increase productivity and improve their daily operations by implementing software, such as an EMR system, to help streamline daily operations and reduce the likelihood of costly medical errors. [...]

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5 Ways Billing Software Benefits Physical Therapists

2019-02-28T18:21:38+00:00Billing Software, Physical Therapists|

When you run a busy physical therapy practice, you want patient care to be your top priority. Unfortunately, outdated billing systems can rob you of valuable time and energy, reducing the quality of service you're able to provide. Maybe you've considered using billing software, but aren't sure if it's worth the investment? I'm here to explain five key ways that the right software can help you, your patients, and your practice. Ready to say goodbye to old-fashioned, ineffective billing systems? You're in the right place. 1. Reduces billing errors Billing errors create stress for patients, damage the image of your practice, [...]

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