The Future of Vaccines

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Vaccination Facts, Resources, Research and Help Guides Since the beginning of March, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a rippling effect on the entirety of the healthcare industry, resulting in reduced accessibility and affordability of services to certain communities around the world. With no short supply of unprecedented changes, we have all learned to overcome the challenges of fear, panic and confusion in addition to learning how to be resilient during a time of crisis. As August is National Immunization Awareness Month, now more than ever, the importance of public health has emphasized the significance of vaccines as well as [...]

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National Immunization Awareness Month

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Why Vaccination Awareness Matters - Facts, Resources and More What is NIAM? August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM), a campaign aimed to encourage everyone to participate in routine vaccinations as well as advocate the importance of immunizations for all ages. Now more than ever, vaccines play an important part in helping protect our communities from preventable diseases in addition to reducing the risks of spreading new ones.  Images sourced from the CDC Why is NIAM Important?  As COVID continues to drive patient behavior, vaccination rates have significantly decreased for a majority of younger children due for [...]

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National Parents Day 2020

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Resources and Advice for Parents During COVID While healthcare professionals and community workers have been identified as today’s new heroes, parents have also gained special recognition for their well deserved resilience in balancing their professional lives with the unprecedented demands of homeschooling their children, caring for their households and so much more. Even before these challenges, parenting was already a full time job but now that society has turned upside down, parents all around the world have justified the cause for why National Parents Day (July 26), especially this year, is extremely important to remember. That is why [...]

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Wendell Foster’s Campus Testimonial

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Client Testimonial Located in Owensboro, Kentucky, Wendell Foster’s Campus is a private non-profit organization that strives to improve the lives of both adults and children with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Their agency cares for over 2,000 patients within Kentucky and Southern Indiana in addition to actively participating in community support programs such as family networking, transportation accommodations and assistive technology resources for those with disabilities.  Wendell Foster’s Campus not only offers outpatient physical, speech and occupational therapy but also provides in-home support services, adult foster care as well as residential and community living. Their mission to empower people [...]

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The Benefits and Strategies of Telehealth

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The 3 Types, Benefits and Strategies of Telehealth As of early March, telehealth has become the new alternative method of healthcare delivery and has accounted for a majority of patient visits during the beginning of this year. Although the adoption of telehealth services started to become more common towards late February, it wasn’t until mid April that an overwhelming influx of telehealth visits were scheduled. However, recent studies show a gradual decline in telehealth visits near the end of May, resulting in a significant drop off in June and now July. While certain medical specialties such as dermatology [...]

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5 Videos For Sedentary Workers

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Nowadays (and always) it is important that we all recognize and prioritize our overall wellness. Make sure to take breaks not only for the health of your body but also for the benefits of refreshing your mind. - Raintree Systems   View this post on Instagram   Here is a great video, provided by our talented therapists at the Salem location, demonstrating a few exercises for postural improvement. Diana, DPT, explains how each exercise effectively promotes better breathing technique and postural alignment. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• As always, if you have any questions or concerns (or if [...]

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7 Positive Outcomes of COVID-19

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Some Good News For A Change COVID-19 has definitely made 2020 already a year we won’t forget. As the media is flooded with news updates and the world is in a state of panic and confusion, it is hard to remain positive and look ahead to the brighter future coming our way. That is why, we wanted to evaluate some relatively good things that will come out of COVID-19 and help you focus on some positivity for a change.  Better Health Habits  While social distancing guidelines are becoming the new norm, habits like washing your hands and covering [...]

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Low Risk Activities for Fourth of July

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How to Safely Celebrate Fourth of July While a lot of places like amusement parks, resorts and vacation destinations are beginning to phase reopening, there has been much discussion and controversy over the way in which they do so. Whether it be lack of precautionary measures or the implementation of too many, popular leisure and entertainment businesses are now facing the challenges of enforcing their guests to social distance while also making sure their experience is not ruined by safety limitations set in place.  As July 4th is this weekend, we know everyone is waiting to get the [...]

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Sawtooth Physical Therapy Testimonial

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Client Testimonial Located in Idaho among the cities of Boise, Meridian and Nampa, Sawtooth Physical Therapy strives to provide specialized therapy and rehab services to the whole of the Treasure Valley area. With a team of dedicated occupational and physical therapists, their mission is to elevate patient care as well as educate their patients on the best ways to heal and prevent their bodies from injuries. Primarily focused on sports medicine and rehabilitation, Sawtooth Physical Therapy also offers hand, vestibular and orthopedic therapy including treatments of all types of musculoskeletal conditions. They value high level mechanical assessments and [...]

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The Business Benefits of Social Media

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How to Optimize Your Online Presence With advancements in technology playing such a significant part in innovating the healthcare industry, it is important to remember to utilize all digital resources available to us, like social media, in order to develop an effective business strategy that not only helps you promote your brand but encourage engagement between you, your followers and those you follow. Whether your goal is to increase awareness and educate or to advertise and improve revenue, all of these tactics involve understanding the 5 best practices that can help your business properly establish and benefit from [...]

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