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Kidz Therapeze Testimonial

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Client Testimonial Kidz Therapeze is a local practice located in Bell County, Texas that provides physical, occupational and speech therapy to children with developmental disabilities. Their mission is to engage children in a positive, interactive environment that motivates them to participate in their communities and at home with their families. With a team of 20+ therapists, Kidz Therapeze strives to provide the highest quality of life for their patients by accommodating and specializing in a variety of congenital and neuromuscular diseases. Their staff includes several neuro-developmental therapists as well as speech and language pathologists who focus on sound [...]

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HHS/CMS Updates

2020-04-22T21:48:49+00:00Billing Software, Compliance, Corona Virus, COVID19, Disaster Recovery, EHR, EMR, Healthcare News, News, Patient Collections, Political Action, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management|

Financial Relief for Healthcare Providers Currently, there are two types of financial relief that healthcare providers can possibly receive:   CARES Act - Provider Relief Stimulus Check funded by HHS (Providers may be eligible for forgiveness) Accelerated and Advance Payments Program by CMS  (Providers payback in 120 Days via their regular Medicare payment checks) What is the CARES Act?  This March, the bipartisan CARES Act was approved by the President and put into effect to provide substantial relief to the healthcare industry. Beginning in early April, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been issuing stimulus [...]

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5 Best Practices for Remote Workers

2020-04-29T21:17:44+00:00Corona Virus, COVID19, Creative, Disaster Recovery, Practice Management|

How to Successfully Work From Home The global spread of COVID-19 has caused many businesses to evaluate the feasibility of enforcing their staff to work from home. Fortunately, Raintree has maintained a remote staff for well over a decade, so we wanted to share with you some of the best practices that we have adopted over the years that have helped effectively promote a productive remote working environment for our employees.  Establish a Routine and STICK TO IT Set a schedule and try to maintain it. Just because you are home does not mean that you can productively [...]

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Business Continuity

2020-04-29T21:18:51+00:00Corona Virus, COVID19, Disaster Recovery, EHR, EHR Systems, EMR, EMR software, EMR Systems, Healthcare News, News, Patient Engagement, Practice Management, Technology, Telehealth, Telemedicine|

How to Support a Healthy Practice Here at Raintree, we understand the importance of patient care and recognize that staying connected with your patients is essential for both their health and the successful operation of your business. During this challenging time of change and uncertainty, we want to help you stabilize revenue, exceed patients’ expectations and promote effective remote workforce management. Here are some of our solutions that feature built in tools that do just that. With RTConnect, you have the ability to communicate with patients electronically through automated engagement triggers such as secured visit summaries, patient medical [...]

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Press Release-NO COST Telehealth In Response to Covid-19

2020-04-29T23:20:33+00:00Corona Virus, COVID19, Disaster Recovery, EHR, EMR, Healthcare News, News, Patient Engagement, Press Release, Technology, Telehealth, Telemedicine|

NO COST Telehealth In Response to Covid-19 Temecula, CA – Raintree Systems has been developing software solutions for the Healthcare Industry for nearly 40 years and their technology stack has been leveraged repeatedly by software development enthusiasts, as well as experts that are looking to rapidly build application solutions for their business. This legacy of quickly providing powerful, affordable solutions has been especially valuable to the healthcare provider community and delivery system amidst the significant impact of Covid-19. Raintree’s Founder and CEO, Richard Welty, rallied his entire organization to quickly develop technology solutions for their clients by enhancing [...]

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Disaster Recovery Solutions for ePHI

2019-02-28T18:21:44+00:00Disaster Recovery, HIPAA, News|

Three Important Tips for Developing HIPAA Compliant Recovery Solutions Planning for electronic disasters and recovery is a complicated undertaking. Plans have to be reassessed periodically to account for changing technology, system configurations, and legislation. Disaster recovery solutions also need to be compliant with current HIPAA standards. Developing a HIPAA compliant disaster recovery solution can be challenging for a number of reasons but fundamentally, organizations have to come up with ways to safeguard electronic protected health information (ePHI) while also facilitating effective disaster recovery. There are a few valuable strategies that agencies can implement to support data risk analysis efforts and recovery [...]

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