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National Mental Health Month

2020-05-06T19:29:04+00:00Billing Software, Compliance, EHR, EHR Systems, EMR, EMR software, EMR Systems, Patient Engagement, Patient Experience, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Smartphones and Healthcare, Technology|

How to Use Technology to Elevate Patient Care As a preferred technical partner and solutions provider in the healthcare industry we offer EHR efficiency tools that allow medical and billing practices to custom build solutions, streamline RCM as well as optimize Practice Management. In addition to pediatric and physical therapy some of our other specialty markets include and are not limited to behavioral health, pain management, chiropractics, pulmonology, bariatrics, and rheumatology. With May being National Mental Health Month, we wanted to provide some insight on specific features and functionalities of our software that best accommodate the Behavioral Health [...]

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Continuity of Care

2020-04-27T19:17:08+00:00Compliance, Corona Virus, COVID19, EHR, EHR Systems, EMR, EMR software, EMR Systems, Healthcare News, Patient Collections, Patient Engagement, Patient Experience, Smartphones and Healthcare, Technology, Telehealth, Telemedicine|

What is the New Normal for Healthcare? Because of COVID-19, the normal delivery of healthcare services has drastically changed and patient care is suffering at the expense of difficult, but necessary preventive measures such as social distancing and public business closures.  While society will eventually revert back to normal, the many changes happening now will forever affect healthcare and we want you to be prepared to adapt and overcome! As we begin to make this transition together, here are some changes to look out for.  Remote Working / Tele-Commuting- As many employees are figuring out how to maintain [...]

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Business Continuity

2020-04-29T21:18:51+00:00Corona Virus, COVID19, Disaster Recovery, EHR, EHR Systems, EMR, EMR software, EMR Systems, Healthcare News, News, Patient Engagement, Practice Management, Technology, Telehealth, Telemedicine|

How to Support a Healthy Practice Here at Raintree, we understand the importance of patient care and recognize that staying connected with your patients is essential for both their health and the successful operation of your business. During this challenging time of change and uncertainty, we want to help you stabilize revenue, exceed patients’ expectations and promote effective remote workforce management. Here are some of our solutions that feature built in tools that do just that. With RTConnect, you have the ability to communicate with patients electronically through automated engagement triggers such as secured visit summaries, patient medical [...]

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Raintree Systems Earns ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group LLC

2019-09-13T22:42:51+00:00Compliance, Data Security, EHR, EHR Systems, EMR, EMR software, EMR Systems, Healthcare News, HIPAA, Press Release, Uncategorized|

Raintree Systems Earns ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group LLC Raintree Systems has completed the rigorous process of achieving ONC-ACB EHR certification from Drummond Group LLC for the latest version of our EHR software product. Raintree Systems, which met the requirements for ONC-ACB EHR 2015 Edition Certification, is an integrated EHR platform designed for use in the specialized medical fields of Physical Therapy, Pain Medicine, Rheumatology, Pulmonology, and Bariatric Surgery With more than 16 years of testing experience across various industries, Drummond Group LLC (DG) brings a high level of technical expertise to this process. Its healthcare [...]

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Raintree Systems EMR Features

2019-02-28T18:21:36+00:00EMR, EMR software, EMR Systems|

EMR Systems Increase Efficiency in Physical Therapy Practices As a physical therapist, your clinic handles a variety of claim types, clinical documents and injuries. Spend more time working with your patients and less time handling the back-office paperwork with an electronic medical records (EMR) system. An EMR system can save you time managing different payer requirements and easily link documents to patient records. See how Raintree Systems can help boost your physical therapy practice with high-quality EMR features. Billing Whether your practice uses a decentralized or centralized billing model, Raintree Billing works for both electronic and paper billing for a flexible [...]

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HIPAA Compliance and EMR: What You Really Need to Know

2019-02-28T18:21:36+00:00Compliance, EMR Systems, HIPAA|

In 1996, Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which was designed to protect sensitive personal health information. Keep in mind that at the time of its passage, medical records were either written or printed, and stored in filing cabinets. Transitioning to electronically stored data hasn’t changed the HIPAA privacy and security obligations of healthcare providers, however, which means that all EMR systems must keep health information safe in accordance with the act. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of EMR, and associated security risks, as well as why and how to make your EMR [...]

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Top 3 Ways EMR Systems Can Improve Your Practice’s Operations

2019-02-28T18:21:36+00:00Billing Software, EMR software, EMR Systems|

It’s estimated that medical errors cost at least $19.5 billion dollars a year. While this number is staggering on its own, add in the financial costs of lost productivity and the amount escalates to $1 trillion. While this number represents the cost to the country as whole, if your practice is losing just a fraction of this amount to lost productivity, the costs can be devastating. Today, medical practices of all types can increase productivity and improve their daily operations by implementing software, such as an EMR system, to help streamline daily operations and reduce the likelihood of costly medical errors. [...]

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EMR Could Revolutionize Your Medical Practice

2019-02-28T18:21:43+00:00EMR, EMR Systems|

EMR software isn’t just an option or a luxury for healthcare organizations – it’s a necessity. It’s the perfect solution to going paperless, which so many agencies are struggling to do. The potentials of integration, however, are much bigger. By going digital, a clinic can utilize the financial headroom to improve services, which will mean better patient retention and more growth. At Raintree Systems we have developed specialized EMR solutions with the practical needs of physical therapists and medical practitioners in mind. Implementation is made easy by our team approach and the benefits are readily visible, which begs the question: what [...]

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Why Electronic Health Records are the Future

2019-02-28T18:21:43+00:00EMR, EMR Systems, News|

Investing in electronic health record (EHR) systems is a huge undertaking. Like any big project, it can appear daunting. However, moving from traditional filing and recording methods to EHRs and other digital tools, thereby streamlining processes in your practice, can be one of your best investments. At Raintree Systems, we design platforms to optimize operations in healthcare facilities. We ensure that you achieve the highest return on every investment you make across all your processes, from scheduling appointments to billing patients. Of course, there is more to a successful practice than revenue generation and EHRs are crucial to ensure administrative efficiency [...]

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Will I Be Assessed Penalties for Not Using An EMR System?

2019-02-28T18:21:43+00:00EMR, EMR Systems, News|

The government is now looking to move the medical industry forward and ensure that health records are digitized. To help incentivize the use of EMR systems, medical industry regulators are now penalizing those who do not install a designated EMR system in their facilities. And so, in this latest post, we’ll take a look at the potential penalties medical facilities can face for not introducing an EMR system. Potential Penalties Physicians that have not integrated an EMR will see their Medicare reimbursements reduced by 3% in 2017, rising to 4% in 2018. The reduction can rise to whopping 95% depending on [...]

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