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Maintain Financial Health During and After COVID

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How to Protect Your Business During A Pandemic While society is just beginning to reopen in phases, the healthcare industry has been facing this new “normal” for quite some time. Whether it be advocating for financial stability or adapting to alternative methods of treatment, therapy practices, behavioral health agencies, specialty clinics and other medical affiliated businesses all have become experts at overcoming the unique challenges of providing patient care during this pandemic.  Here at Raintree, we want to commend all healthcare professionals for their hard work and their continuous dedication in ensuring our health and safety. However, while [...]

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Telehealth vs E-visits

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Telehealth vs E-visits: How Raintree Can Help With COVID-19 being the cause for thousands of appointment cancellations and business closures, the need for alternative delivery of healthcare services has never been so critical to the survival and stability of society. Like you, Raintree has been paying close attention to the constant changes being made by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). With telemedicine on the rise, we wanted to provide you with the basic distinctions between telehealth and e-visits as well as keep you informed with the latest news.  As you probably know, CMS has been [...]

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RSM-RCM Division

2019-11-01T23:03:12+00:00Healthcare News, Medical Billing, News, Press Release|

Raintree Systems Announces The Launch Of Specialty Markets and Revenue Cycle Management Divisions Temecula, CA— November 1st, 2019— Raintree Systems announces the creation and launch of their new Raintree Specialty Markets (RSM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Divisions. These divisions support provider groups and revenue cycle management companies which serve specialty physician, durable medical equipment, dialysis management companies, and managed services organizations (MSOs) throughout the US. Stacey Goodwin, a long-time Raintree leader and product design expert, serves as the Raintree Specialty Market President. Tricia Morgan-Putt serves as Raintree’s Revenue Cycle Management President. Prior to joining Raintree, both Tricia [...]

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A Quick Overview of Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)

2019-02-28T18:21:37+00:00Medical Billing|

We’re quickly approaching 2019, the year when the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services – otherwise known as CMS – is set to begin its new reimbursement program (MACRA) based on a quality system that rewards clinicians with high quality scores and likewise penalizes those that achieve lower numbers. The goal is to ensure that Medicaid health providers are supplying their patients with top level care that includes a focus on quality medical practices, effective use of resources, implementation and use of EHR technology and a commitment to growth through clinical improvement activities. There is a lot to understand, especially when [...]

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Improve Practice Revenues by Addressing These 3 Medical Billing Challenges

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All businesses rely on timely and full payments of products or services to get by. Healthcare businesses are no different. Yet, medical providers are in a unique position. Whereas most other business owners only hand over a product or perform a service upon receipt of payment, medical providers perform a service, bill a third party and hope they get paid. Unfortunately, payment is not always guaranteed. If you’re in the healthcare business, you understand this all too well. If you’re tired of claims being denied by insurance companies for one ambiguous reason or another, it may be time to invest in [...]

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