RSM-RCM Division

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Raintree Systems Announces The Launch Of Specialty Markets and Revenue Cycle Management Divisions Temecula, CA— November 1st, 2019— Raintree Systems announces the creation and launch of their new Raintree Specialty Markets (RSM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Divisions. These divisions support provider groups and revenue cycle management companies which serve specialty physician, [...]

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Raintree Rehab

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Raintree Systems Restructures and forms Raintree Rehab Raintree Systems announces strategic decision to verticalize and commit to becoming the preferred provider of business management solutions and services for the Therapy and Rehabilitation market. This includes consolidation of its revenue cycle management services offering, currently provided by sister-company, Revignition Corporation (Rev-Ignition). Raintree Systems has served [...]

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Raintree System Partners

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Add Value to Your Healthcare Business with Our Strategic Partners Partnering with service providers who have the same commitment to value and integrity that we have is essential to us. As such, our partner list is offered through careful selection. This list of Raintree Systems Partners aims to bring your healthcare business additional value. Clearinghouse  [...]

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Tips To Improve Patient Collections

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The medical landscape is both full of potential and some nail-biting uncertainty. From a strict research and medical advancement point of view, things are still looking very good for medical care. New discoveries in both treatments and technologies continue to expand the scope of illnesses and disorders that can now be addressed. However, the price [...]

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These Healthcare Trends Don’t Care About the ACA

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There’s a growing feeling of uncertainty, and even anxiety surrounding the topic of healthcare and how to afford it in the USA. Unfortunately, government itself is partly responsible for this upset as it continues to try to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without quite nailing down exactly what will be the replacement [...]

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Is A Major Spike In Healthcare Spending On The Way?

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There’s the adage about having too much of a good thing, and in the case of Americans, this may certainly be true of the lifestyle. Even as the field of healthcare enters into a much more uncertain period with regards to the fate of the ACA, one thing remains clear; we’re looking down the barrel [...]

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What Is Your Patient Experience Score?

2019-02-28T18:21:42+00:00News, Patient Experience|

In the 20th century, the science and industry of medical treatment was—as it is today—focused on achieving good performance. However, the definition and metrics that were used to measure the performance of a medical facility like a clinic or hospital were very different from today. In the past, in an effort to keep things simpler [...]

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Accuracy and Post-Treatment: How Your Practice Can Do Rehab Better

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Rehabilitation, for many people, will be a lifelong challenge. Whether we’re talking about physical challenges, speech impediments or work injuries, there are certain kinds of impairments that necessitate continued, prolonged treatment. Any practice that aims to make a difference should strive to provide the best, most accurate care possible, especially for patients who require more [...]

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Can Yelp Help Patients Find You Online?

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In the 20th century, during the pre-Internet era, finding any kind of product or service for the general public generally meant one thing; consulting the “Yellow Pages.” The free phone book provided to residents of a city was one of the few places where every business or service provider was publicly listed. However, all that [...]

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Healthcare Data Breaches You Should Know About

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One of the great conveniences of a digital infrastructure is that it makes data management much more efficient and easy. With data stored locally on a computer, rather than a traditional paper file in a cabinet, information is easily duplicated and sent to sources that need it, such as e-mail, or on a local network. [...]

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