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COVID-19- Continuity of Care and Your Business

2020-03-16T16:25:15+00:00Corona Virus, COVID19, Patient Engagement|

Continuity of Care and Your Business With the recent announcement by the World Health Organization that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is officially a pandemic, it is important to understand the impact this will have on you patients and ultimately your business.  Your patients will have questions about their treatment so it is important to [...]

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Texting is More Important for Your Practice than You Realize

2019-08-22T21:56:23+00:00Patient Engagement|

It seems that everyone has a smartphone.  In fact, 81% of all Americans actually own a smartphone and rely on them for everything from normal communication to managing aspects of their daily lives.  Ten years ago, it would have been funny for someone to say they are lost without their phone [...]

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7 Ways You Can Improve Patient Experience… Starting Today

2019-02-28T18:21:36+00:00EHR, Patient Engagement, Patient Experience|

Patient experience is the sum of all interactions patients have with a health care system. It’s considered one of the key elements to delivering healthcare quality, along with safety and effectiveness. In fact, some studies have found that various aspects of patient experience positively influence healthcare processes and outcomes. Here are 7 ways you can [...]

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Electronic Medical Records: It’s All About the Patients

2019-02-28T18:21:43+00:00Patient Engagement, Technology|

Nowadays, everyone can achieve anything with just a click. People can pay for rent, apparel, groceries, and even bills - with their phones, laptops, or desktops. Often healthcare providers are at the forefront of these advancements in technology. In some instances, however, these providers end up using electronic medical records (EMRs) and digital tools that [...]

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Reducing No-Show Through Patient Engagement

2019-02-28T18:21:44+00:00Patient Engagement|

The Dos and Don’ts to Reduce Patient No Shows Last minute cancellations and simply not showing up by a patient is the very bane of the healthcare industry. The simple no show can be frustrating at best, unless it is a true emergency. Let’s face it, there is nothing anyone can do if Martha has [...]

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Patient Engagement

2019-02-28T18:21:44+00:00Patient Engagement|

Addressing Patient Engagement Patient involvement is key to successful healthcare, and technology can be the key to successful patient involvement.  More and more hospitals and medical facilities are relying more on their technology to stay up to date on their individual patients than ever before. New and emerging technologies can help guarantee patient care beyond [...]

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