All-In-One Platform For Chiropractors

An All In One EHR Platform Featuring Customizable Clinical Documentation

Raintree Systems is a comprehensive, fully complete digital healthcare platform designed exclusively to streamline the unique operational challenges of chiropractic clinics by providing a transparent, secure method to track and document patient care. Our intuitive EHR offers a proven collection of efficiency tools including specialty specific assessments, evaluations, treatment plans, progress notes and screenings. Get Started Today!

  • X-ray Templates, Charts and Diagrams
  • Automated Workflow Task Management
  • Custom Form Building and Performance Dashboards
  • Detailed Exam & Reporting Modules (MIPS/MACRA Compliant)
  • Consolidated Patient Records and Interdisciplinary Treatment Plans

Raintree's staff is very responsive, knowledgeable and they truly want to listen to their customers. They have a flexible product and do not seem to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Olympic Sports and Spine

We have been using Raintree's software since 1996. The software is user friendly and the company reps have always provided the highest level of service. You are there for us when we have a crisis and your response time is pretty quick.

Apopka Wellness Center

Raintree’s robust accounting system features high level automation that helps us efficiently post charges and streamline all aspects of our billing process.

Heresco Chiropractic
Specialty Specific Clinical Documentation
Solutions By Specialty
Optimize Your Practice
Connect With Patients, Providers and Payors
Telehealth & Engagement
Foster Real Relationships
Automated RCM, Billing and Collections
Interoperable Billing
Keep Your EHR Software
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Advanced BI & Analytics
Make Informed Decisions


Interoperable Billing and Engagement For Chiropractors

Elevate Your Patient Revenue Cycle  

and Take Charge Of Billing Processes

Our interoperable RCM and Billing tools are the only software on the market that gives you the power to choose whether you want to integrate or implement. With electronic patient statements, seamless payment processing and payment plan management features, we provide a complete exception management solution that will help optimize your patient revenue cycle as well as improve clinic profitability. 

  • Paperless Document Routing
  • Order Tracking and Insurance Authorizations
  • Simplified Ledger and AR Follow Up Dashboard
  • Payment Posting and Outsourced Billing Available
  • Automatic Posting of Insurance Remittance Payments (EOB

Make Connections and Collaborate

With Powerful Engagement Features

With flexible functionality and intuitive engagement tools, Connect™ facilitates software-as-a-relationship rather than just a service, giving you the opportunity to easily track treatment plans, monitor progress outcomes as well as connect with your patients through the use of automated mass messaging, engagement campaigns and standalone telehealth solutions. Contact Us!

  • Patient Dashboard and Self Check-In Kiosk 
  • Provider Credentialing and Referral Tracking
  • Marketing Tools (Email Blasts, Surveys and More)
  • Seamless Scheduling and Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Telehealth (Single and Multi-Attendees, Screen Sharing, Virtual Reception)
Digital Healthcare Solutions For Chiropractors

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