Telehealth Coverage for PT, OT and SLP Therapists

Over these past few months, the healthcare industry has been actively following the rules, updates and changes made by CMS. Primarily, the rise of telehealth has become a priority for the government to accept and allow medical providers, in particular physical therapists, the ability to offer virtual patient care through the use of video chat resources. While only certain providers were eligible, CMS has recently announced that they will now reimburse physical therapists for services rendered in outpatient settings. This emergency waiver includes PT, OT and SLP specialties and will last for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Click here to access the full document released by CMS, stating they will now allow physical, occupational and speech therapists the opportunity to perform telehealth visits. 

With thousands of users already utilizing our telehealth platform, Raintree wants to continue providing virtual communication tools that ease and elevate patient care during this challenging time of uncertainty. Our RTConnect software not only includes availability management and automated messaging features, but also offers telehealth solutions that come at NO COST to you for the time of the CoronaVirus (or for 6 months, whichever is longer). By leveraging our NO COST telehealth solutions, we want you to be better prepared to manage your practice in hopes of keeping everyone safe and healthy. 

As a healthcare solutions provider, we aim to provide solutions that will make a positive difference in the lives of both patients and providers. Here at Raintree, we want to commend and offer our sincerest gratitude to healthcare professionals all over the world for their continued hard work and sacrifice during this pandemic. We hope things will start reverting back to normal soon, but together we will get through this!