Engage Patients, Referrals and Payors

With Standalone Telehealth Solutions

Our virtual communication tools give you the opportunity to engage as well as collaborate with patients, providers, referral sources and payors all within one programmable platform. In addition to telehealth visits, Connect™ supports secure messaging via blast emails, text notifications, patient clinical questionnaires and treatment outcomes. 

  • Visit Tracking Analytics and Appointment Statistics
  • HIPAA Compliant and WebRTC Standard Messaging 
  • Embedded Telehealth (Single and Multi-Attendees, Screen Sharing, Virtual Reception)
Standalone Telehealth and Patient Engagement
Specialty Specific Clinical Documentation
Solutions By Specialty
Optimize Your Practice
Automated RCM, Billing and Collections
Automated RCM & Billing
Streamline Collections
Raintree Is The Premiere Low Code, No Code Platform
Low Code, No Code
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Advanced BI & Analytics
Make Informed Decisions


They give you the tools and direction that empowers you to resolve things on your own and we enjoy the extra mile of education with each case allowing us to learn more! We also really like the communication components of Raintree as they are very helpful for staying in touch with families.


We like being able to send out NPS and Therapy Value surveys so we can analyze trends in patient responses as well as utilize automated engagement campaigns to monitor our dropout rates, which have significantly improved since using Raintree.

Lucas Therapies

Streamline Patient Experiences and   

Pursue Continuity Of Communication 

Raintree's patient dashboard and self-check-in kiosk proactively engage your patients with online registration, self-scheduling, electronic payment options and automated messaging. Visit tracking analytics and appointment statistics also aid in monitoring patient cancellations, strengthening patient relationships, improving retention and better managing alternative methods of patient care. Get Started Today!

  • Easy, Fast Setup With Pre-Populated Patient Information 
  • Scheduling Coordinator and Centralized Messaging Center
  • Engagement Reports (Social Media, Click Rates, Lead-To-Patient Conversion)
  • One Place To Upload Medical History, Complete Forms and Verify Information


Foster Real Relationships and

Facilitate Automated Engagement 

Whether it be automated appointment reminders, targeted NPS surveys or on demand and scheduled email campaigns, Connect™ serves as a digital healthcare platform that helps facilitate Software-as-a-Relationship™ rather than just a service. With flexible functionality, you can easily configure communication narratives to your own liking, by setting up specific scripts, applying engagement filters and uploading your own HTML messages.

  • Marketing Tools and Survey Campaigns
  • Communication Preferences (COMPR) and MIPS Reporting
  • Referral Tracking, Automated Patient Intake and Electronic Check-Ins
  • Remote Workforce Management (Inter-office Calling and Scheduling)
Marketing Tools, Campaigns and Telehealth

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